The Believers

Critics appraise Lavery's Believers at Tricycle
By Editorial Staff
Physical theatre specialists Frantic Assembly bring Bryony Lavery's 'riveting' new piece, about two families flung together amid the recent floods, to the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn
The Believers (Tricycle Theatre)
By Maisie Collins
Impressive design makes Bryony Lavery's unsettling play eerily memorable
Bryony Lavery on The Believers, Frantic Assembly and Treasure Island
The Frozen playwright discusses the inspiration behind her latest play that opens at the Tricycle Theatre this Friday
The Believers (Curve Leicester)
By William Breden
William Breden reviews Frantic Assembly's The Believers
The Believers (Tour - Theatre Royal, Plymouth)
By Karen Bussell
Frantic Assembly's The Believers (in conjunction with Theatre Royal Plymouth) is a compelling, spooky thriller with a touch of dark humour.