Simon Callow

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Reflections on recent developments in Stratford and some classic critical put-downs
Michael Coveney: Rufus Norris's National - fresh meat or cold potatoes?
'In the admirable rush to be all things to all men in the name of diversity and inclusivity, the danger is you lose sight of what you really want to do'
A Christmas Carol (Middle Temple Hall)
By Will Stone
Antic Disposition's atmospheric production is a 'thoroughly stimulating experience'
The Man Jesus (Lyric Theatre)
Simon Callow's latest one-man show stopped off at the Lyric theatre on Monday
A Few of my Favourite Things: Simon Callow
Currently appearing in The Man Jesus, Callow shares some of his favourite things with us
Michael Coveney: Elegy for a massacre in Southwark, sweet sorrow at ENO, faint hearts at the Globe
Sweeney Todd was announced for the English National Opera and Doctor Scroggy's War opened at the Globe
The Man Jesus (Tour - Salford)
By Richard Woodward
Richard Woodward catches Simon Callow's one man show at the Lowry and he sees much to admire.
Michael Coveney: Sandy Wilson bows out in style, still clinging to the past
The composer of The Boy Friend displayed 'taste, charm and style in every lyric and bar of music that he wrote'
Simon Callow in Juvenalia (Edinburgh Fringe)
Roman poet Juvenal is reimagined as a raconteur in Callow's latest one man outing