Shelagh Delaney

A Taste Of Honey (Tour - Salford)
Shelagh Delaney's classic play is given respect, pace and perfect performances in this Hull Truck production.
A Taste of Honey (Hull Truck Theatre)
By Ron Simpson
Mark Babych's production of Shelagh Delaney's 1958 play, A Taste of Honey, marks his debut as Hull Truck's new artistic director
Lesley Sharp shines in National's Taste of Honey
By Andi Kaufman
Shelagh Delaney's 1958 drama A Taste of Honey, written when she was just 18, has been revived at the National Theatre
Michael Coveney: Bob Dylan and other mystical mysteries in Kilburn
Dylan, now 72, has returned to London for a series of concerts at the Albert Hall