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Sope Dirisu: 'I didn't go to drama school and I wouldn't change that'
As he opens in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Coriolanus, Sope Dirisu talks about how he became an actor and how he's approaching Shakespeare's general
Peter Hall: yesterday's pioneer is today's past
Matt Trueman reflects on the legacy of the late National Theatre artistic director and RSC founder
Peter Hall achieved his remarkable vision despite opposition on all sides
Michael Coveney pays tribute to the late founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company and director Peter Hall
Review: Kingdom Come (Stratford-upon-Avon)
This devised show from Gemma Brockis, Wendy Hubbard and the cast runs as part of the Mischief Festival
Peter Hall dies aged 86
The RSC founder and director died yesterday at University College Hospital
Christopher Eccleston to star as Macbeth in new RSC season
Erica Whyman will also direct a new musical about Joan Littlewood by Sam Kenyon
Casting announced for RSC's Imperium plays
The actor playing Cicero in the Royal Shakespeare Company's upcoming adaptation of Robert Harris' books has been announced
Michelle Terry is a strong choice for the Globe – but she's not a safe bet
Matt Trueman speculates on what Michelle Terry might bring to her new role as AD of Shakespeare's Globe
Cast announced for RSC's Coriolanus
By Editorial Staff
Haydn Gwynne joins the cast as Volumnia