Romeo And Juliet

The Rite of Spring/Romeo & Juliet (tour – St Albans)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 9 May 2014 · st Albans

"The Rite of Spring" concerns the sacrifice of a girl to propitiate the gods and ensure prosperity. "Romeo and Juliet" is (partly) about the sacrifice of young love on the altar of ambition. What happens when you sew the two together?

You Ought to Get Out More: Jamaica Inn
By David Cunningham · 2 May 2014 · Manchester

Manchester reviewer David Cunningham celebrates the imagination of the nocturnal theatre-goer, in the light of complaints about mumbling actors in the BBC's Jamaica Inn.

Before Juliet (Manchester)
By David Cunningham · 19 Mar 2014 · Manchester

Dave Cunningham likes Before Juliet's vision but wishes it truly knew what it was

Our top 10 theatrical lovers
By Ben Hewis · 10 Feb 2014 · London

With Valentine's Day approaching, we take a look at our favourite theatre couples

Romeo and Juliet
Old Red Lion Theatre Grassroots Shakespeare are committed to what they call ‘original practices', all of which impact on their productions. They do gender-blind casting, their ...