Red Rose Chain

Wuthering Heights (Wherstead)
Emily Brontë's one published novel is as bleak and wild as the Yorkshire moors which drew her to their untamed changeability.
The Comedy of Errors (Wherstead)
The English summer and theatre performances out-of-doors make something marvellous when the ingredients are right. But perhaps staging "The Comedy of Errors" at the Theatre in the Forest is too much of a challenge for the weather gods to ignore?
Emma Freud to be patron of Red Rose Chain
Emma Freud & Joanna Carrick Ipswich-based theatre company Red Rose Chain has confirmed that Emma Freud will be its first-ever patron. The well-known journalist, script editor and broad
The Taming Of The Shrew (Suffolk)
For its fourteenth Theatre In The Forest production, Suffolk's Red Rose Chain has moved to a new venue at Jimmy's Farm. The Taming Of The Shrew has never been slicker, says Paul Couch