Queen's Theatre Hornchurch

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert revival to feature in Queen's Theatre Hornchurch new season
The venue will also partner with the National Theatre for a new production of Pericles
Much Ado About Nothing (Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch)
Douglas Rintoul directs his debut production as artistic director at the Queen's
Hornchurch's Queen's Theatre threatened by Havering's proposed budget cuts
When a council seeks to reduce its budgetary deficit, somehow it's always the arts which are lined up for the firing squad.
Changing faces in Colchester and Hornchurch
The Mercury Theatre gains an executive director and producer while the Queen's Theatre loses its artistic director
Love, Lies and Lust (Hornchurch)
Way back in the 1960s, there was a vogue for musicals based on Restoration comedy – Fielding's Rape Upon Rape turned into Lock Up Your Daughters and Vanburgh's The Relapse ...
The Rise and Fall of Little Voice (Hornchurch)
The three women who are at the centre of Jim Cartwright's bitter comedy The Rise and Fall of Little Voice take control of the stage in Bon Carlton's new production for the ...
Five reasons to see... Treasure Island
Long John Silver (James Earl Adair) navigates you towards a visit to 'Treasure Island' in Hornchurch this month
As You Like It (Hornchurch)
Queen's Theatre, HornchurchOf all Shakespeare's plays, As You Like it is probably one of the best for outdoor performance. As part of its 60th anniversary celebrations, Hornchurch's ...