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The Two Worlds of Charlie F (Tour - Manchester)
By David Cunningham

Charlie F is an Excellent play that deserves a bigger audience, says David Cunningham.

An Evening of Burlesque (Tour - Manchester)
By Editorial Staff

All tease and no sleaze and worth a watch for Amber Topaz, alone - says Ruth Lovett.

Ha Ha Holmes (Tour - Manchester)
By Editorial Staff
Ha Ha Holmes doesn't just break the fourth wall, it stomps all over it, says Helen Jones.
Five Reasons To See... Three Phantoms
Matthew Cammelle gives his five reasons why you should see Three Phantoms for the price of one.
WIN Three Phantom tickets in Manchester
Three Phantoms web image© ATG ABOUT THE SHOW:Three Phantoms offers you three actors who have played title character in the iconic Phantom of the Opera.Three Pha
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WIN one of three pairs of tickets to see the Dolly Parton musical 9 to 5 on Tues, 20th August.