Gloria – A Pigtale (Norfolk & Norwich Festival)
By Wilf Arasaratnam · 23 May 2014 · Norwich

Mahogany Opera Group has created "an opera with something of the cabaret about it" for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival

S (Norfolk & Norwich Festival)
By Wilf Arasaratnam · 20 May 2014 · Norwich

Another UK première at this year's Norfolk and Norwich Festival is the latest work from Circa, called simply "S"

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Northern Ballet tour – Norwich)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 19 May 2014 · Norwich

There have always been several ways of looking at "A Midsummer Night's Dream" whether presented as a play, a film, an opera or a ballet.

If destroyed, still true (Norwich & Norfolk Festival)
By Wilf Arasaratnam · 15 May 2014 · Norwich

Molly Naylor's latest storytelling show is "littered with funny and beautiful writing"

Long Live the Little Knife (Norwich)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 14 May 2014 · Norwich

Fake or forgery? the distinction can be a blurred one as David Leddy's "Long Live the Little Night" demonstrates.

Austentatious (Tour - Norwich Playhouse)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 7 Mar 2014 · Norwich

This entertaining Jane Austen themed improvisation show has something missing

The Perfect Murder (Norwich)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 23 Jan 2014 · Norwich

Shaun McKenna's stage adaptation of Peter James' novella "The Perfect Murder" is an extremely clever piece of work.

Cinderella (Norwich)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 21 Dec 2013 · Norwich

The Norwich Theatre Royal pantomime usually runs its own variation on the standard theme. This season's "Cinderella" keeps up the tradition.