Norwich Cathedral

Between the Lines/Elegy for the Great War (Norwich)
When tears or words are not enough, music can fill the void. "Between the Lines" by Simon de Deney and David Banks' "Elegy for the Great War" are both moving commentaries on the pity of young lives wasted.
The Country Wife (Hostry Festival – Norwich)
Wycherley's 1675 comedy is surely the epitome of what we mean by Restoration theatre – satirical, bawdy and ostensibly without a heart. let alone morals.
Father and Son, Son and Father
In many ways this duologue for two performers is a 21st century gloss on the medieval mystery play.
Starlings on the Green (Norwich)
A one-act two-hander to open this year's Hostry Festival in Norwich.
A Doll's House (Norwich)
This new production of Ibsen's classic at Norwich Cathedral "plays very well"
The Hostry Festival expands for 2013
Stash Kirkbride, Peter Beck, Rebecca Chapman & Peter Barrow – the Hostry Festival team The third Hostry festival, centred on the iconic building which abuts N