Northern Stage

Cast: Everyman's Bright Phoenix
By Glenn Meads · 3 Sep 2014

Penny Laydon, Cathy Tyson and Paul Duckworth feature in this new play by Jeff Young.

Catherine Love: My top theatre picks for September
By Catherine Love · 1 Sep 2014

Look out for Edinburgh transfers and the beginning of theatres' autumn seasons, as well as a range of touring work

Beats North (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Catherine Love · 25 Aug 2014

A marriage of theatre and music that lacks substance

Kim Criswell stars in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof revival
By Editorial Staff · 14 Aug 2014

The production runs at in Newcastle, Northampton and Manchester

Dead to Me (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Catherine Love · 11 Aug 2014

A dark comedy from Gary Kitching about what we do and don't believe in

Chewing the Fat (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Catherine Love · 7 Aug 2014

Selina Thompson's personal tale arrestingly grapples with issues around weight

Play Dough (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Catherine Love · 7 Aug 2014

Ulimited Theatre's money games for kids are fun but lack bite

A Series of Increasingly Impossible Acts (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Theo Bosanquet · 5 Aug 2014

An uplifting and off-beat hour of play from the ten-strong Secret Theatre company

I Promise You Sex and Violence (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Theo Bosanquet · 5 Aug 2014

A misconceived love triangle proves utterly unlovable

Edinburgh Blog: On dealing with bad reviews
By Theo Bosanquet · 4 Aug 2014

It's easy to get downcast by bad notices early in the festival, but artists should try not to take it to heart