Manchester International Festival

Brian Cox, Wayne McGregor, Jamie XX, and Kevin MacDonald in first MIF 2015 Shows
By Glenn Meads · 19 Nov 2014

Manchester International Festival announces the first three shows for the 2015 Festival, the fifth edition of the world's only biennial of new commissions and special events.

Tolstoy and Told By an Idiot in Royal Exchange New Season
By Glenn Meads · 10 Nov 2014

Anna Karenina and The Ghost Train in Royal Exchange new season, following the huge success of their biggest selling show in ten years, Hamlet.

Spotlight On: The Best Regional Production Award
By Ben Hewis · 23 Dec 2013

As part of our 'Spotlight On:' series, we take a closer look at the nominees in the WhatsOnStage Award for Best Regional Production.

Kenneth Branagh campaigns for Manchester Macbeth venue
By Editorial Staff · 8 Aug 2013
Branagh will support a fundraising campaign to support the venue where he co-directed and starred in a production of Macbeth last month
The Masque of Anarchy (Manchester International Festival)
By Glenn Meads · 13 Jul 2013
Dave Cunningham is impressed by this poetry in motion, delivered by a passionate Maxine Peake.
Michael Coveney: Branagh wins battle of murky Macbeths in Manchester
By Michael Coveney · 8 Jul 2013
I really enjoyed my first visit to the Manchester International Festival, not least because of the sunshine, the camaraderie and the festival atmosphere - set for me at a tremendous opening ...
Macbeth (Manchester International Festival)
By WhatsOnStage Reviewer · 8 Jul 2013
Kenneth Branagh's return to the stage in a muddy and bloody production of 'The Scottish Play' more than lives up to expectations, says Dave Cunningham
Michael Coveney: Tales of Bob and Snoo Wilson at the Manchester International Festival
By Michael Coveney · 5 Jul 2013
I was on my way to see Robert Wilson's opening production at the Manchester International Festival when the news came through that the playwright Snoo Wilson (no relation) had died of a heart ...
The Old Woman (MIF)
By WhatsOnStage Reviewer · 4 Jul 2013
From esoteric operas to rarefied art shows, Manchester International Festival has never been shy at tackling high culture.So it's no surprise that one of the opening shows of this ...