JB Shorts

re: play set for ninth year at new HOME
re:play brings HOME's season to a close, before the new venue is launched.
JB Shorts 12 (Joshua Brooks, Manchester)
By Elise Gallagher
The 12th series of comedy shorts shows no signs of flagging, says Elise Gallagher.
Fringe Benefits in Manchester
By Craig Hepworth
Craig Hepworth takes a look at what's coming up on the fringe scene.
JB Shorts 11 (Joshua Brooks, Manchester)
By Carmel Thomason
Carmel Thomason is blown away by the quality of good work on display in JB Shorts 11
Brief Encounter with...JB Shorts 11 Director Rupert Hill
Rupert Hill is perhaps best known for starring in Coronation Street. But he also has a successful career in theatre, owns pubs, is a father and he is about to direct one of of the mini plays in JB Shorts 11 next month. We catch up with him to find out more
JB Shorts 10 (Manchester)
Joanna Ing is impressed with the 10th JB Shorts at Joshua Brooks, Manchester.
JB Shorts 10 set for Manchester
The fifteen minute comedy plays return to Manchester this November