Gordon Craig Theatre

Guest Blog: The recipe for a perfect pantomime
By Emily Wood
'An unshaven, belching, legs akimbo hobnail boot-wearing bloke in a dress is what we're looking for'
Aladdin (Stevenage – panto)
Chris Jordan and his pantomime producing company can be relied on to present a traditional show with a few tweaks to keep the audience's attention.
Dangerous Encounter (Stevenage)
Of all the detective stories and thrillers which Francis Durbridge wrote, "Fatal Encounter" is probably one of the least familiar.
Catherine Lomax discusses her work in Stevenage
How do you fulfil audience expectations? The Gordon Craig Theatre's artistic manager Catherine Lomax has some answers.
Design for Murder (tour – Stevenage)
Something nasty in the woodshed? Try something very nasty under the greenhouse as "Design for Murder"'s alternative.
Hairspray (Stevenage)
You don't need mega-bucks to mount even a large-scale musical. You just need talent.
Shady Business (tour – Stevenage)
Crooked people walk in crooked ways. It's not enough to run a crime empire efficiently – you have to control the people it involves.
La traviata (tour – Stevenage)
It's deservedly one of Verdi's most popular operas. "La traviata" is also probably the one with which he felt the closest emotional connexion – that much mooted but never written "Lear" excepted.
Absent Friends (Stevenage Gordon Craig Theatre)
The year is 1974. The location is an up-to-the-minute suburban house. Diana is hosting a tea party for old friends of hers and her businessman husband Paul. What could possibly go wrong?
Cinderella (Stevenage)
It's billed as the best-loved pantomime of them all. Cinderella at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage reinforces the slogan