Forbes Masson

James McAvoy is 'mesmerising' in The Ruling Class

Jamie Lloyd's final production in his second Trafalgar Transformed season opened last night

The Ruling Class (Trafalgar Studios)

James McAvoy stars in Jamie Lloyd's revelatory revival of Peter Barnes's uproarious 60s satire

Rehearsal Pics: James McAvoy prepares for The Ruling Class

The play is the third and final instalment of the second season of Trafalgar Transformed

Martin Freeman provokes mixed reactions as Richard III

Jamie Lloyd's 70s-set production at Trafalgar Studios opened last night

Richard III (Trafalgar Studios)

Martin Freeman shows some nice touches in Jamie Lloyd's 70s-set production, but lacks menace

Show Pics: First look at Martin Freeman in Richard III

The first production of the second Trafalgar Transformed season opens on Wednesday

Michael Coveney: RSC schools Shrew shares the Almeida's shifting ground

Michael Coveney attends the RSC's 'first encounter' production of The Taming of the Shrew for schools