Edward Max

Within the Gates (Frinton)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 16 Jul 2014 · Frinton

What better to mark a theatre's 75 anniversary season than a special pièce d'occasion?

The Cowardly Porter (Frinton)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 28 Aug 2013 · Frinton
The logo for Frinton Summer Theatre It must have seemed such a brilliant idea, on paper. A new show with a storyline straight out of pre-"Hair" musical comedy acting as the framework ...
Private Lives (Frinton)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 24 Jul 2013 · Frinton
Frinton summer season logo There's more than one way of looking at Coward's most popular comedy. The more usual one is to take it at face value, as a sparkling concoction whose ...