Duncan Macmillan

Catherine Love: What do you want in a play about climate change?
By Catherine Love · 10 Nov 2014

As 2071 opens to a mixed reception, Catherine Love explores what we actually want from a play exploring the issues facing our planet

Royal Court to host Day of Action on climate change
By Nicole Goldstein · 10 Nov 2014

The day is prompted by its current production 2071

2071 (Royal Court)
By Michael Coveney · 7 Nov 2014

'One of the most outrageously anti-theatrical events I've ever attended'

Katie Mitchell talks Europe, climate change and honouring Chekhov's radicalism
By Catherine Love · 16 Oct 2014

'An allowing of different types of theatre-making is only healthy to a culture'

1984 (Headlong-Plymouth Theatre Royal)
By Karen Bussell · 11 Sep 2014

1984 proves most unsatisfactory at Plymouth Theatre Royal.

Lungs (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Catherine Love · 23 Aug 2014

Duncan Macmillan's play gives climate change debates a human face

Edinburgh Blog: On FOMO and the Fringe
By Theo Bosanquet · 18 Aug 2014

It's impossible to escape Fear Of Missing Out when it comes to Edinburgh

Every Brilliant Thing (Edinburgh Fringe)
By Rosie Bannister · 14 Aug 2014

Duncan Macmillan's touching new play runs in the Roundabout venue at Summerhall

A few of my favourite Edinburgh things: Jonny Donahoe
By Editorial Staff · 7 Aug 2014

Jonny Donahoe, known for being one half of the comedy blues band Jonny & the Baptists, is starring at this year's Fringe in Paines Plough's Every Brilliant Thing as well as having a solo show

George Perrin: 'Everyone goes to Edinburgh hunting shows'
By Catherine Love · 25 Jul 2014

The co-artistic director of Paines Plough talks about the company's pop-up Roundabout auditorium in Edinburgh and the Fringe as a place of discovery