Duncan Macmillan

Catherine Love: What do you want in a play about climate change?

As 2071 opens to a mixed reception, Catherine Love explores what we actually want from a play exploring the issues facing our planet

Royal Court to host Day of Action on climate change
By Nicole Goldstein

The day is prompted by its current production 2071

2071 (Royal Court)

'One of the most outrageously anti-theatrical events I've ever attended'

Katie Mitchell talks Europe, climate change and honouring Chekhov's radicalism

'An allowing of different types of theatre-making is only healthy to a culture'

1984 (Headlong-Plymouth Theatre Royal)
By Karen Bussell

1984 proves most unsatisfactory at Plymouth Theatre Royal.

Lungs (Edinburgh Fringe)

Duncan Macmillan's play gives climate change debates a human face

Edinburgh Blog: On FOMO and the Fringe

It's impossible to escape Fear Of Missing Out when it comes to Edinburgh

Every Brilliant Thing (Edinburgh Fringe)

Duncan Macmillan's touching new play runs in the Roundabout venue at Summerhall

A few of my favourite Edinburgh things: Jonny Donahoe
By Editorial Staff

Jonny Donahoe, known for being one half of the comedy blues band Jonny & the Baptists, is starring at this year's Fringe in Paines Plough's Every Brilliant Thing as well as having a solo show

George Perrin: 'Everyone goes to Edinburgh hunting shows'

The co-artistic director of Paines Plough talks about the company's pop-up Roundabout auditorium in Edinburgh and the Fringe as a place of discovery