Dick Whittington

Guest Blog: The recipe for a perfect pantomime
By Emily Wood

'An unshaven, belching, legs akimbo hobnail boot-wearing bloke in a dress is what we're looking for'

Dick Whittington (Lyceum Sheffield)
By Ruth Kilner

Sheffield Theatres' seasonal offering delivers a "roller-coaster ride of laughter and silliness"

Dick Whittington (Bristol Hippodrome)

A powerhouse double act at its centre doesn't always hide the underpowered performances in other roles at Bristol Hippodrome's 'Dick Whittington.''

Dick Whittington: The Rock'n'Roll Panto (City Varieties Music Hall)
By Ron Simpson

The unique blend of seasonal story and classic pop tunes returns to Leeds this Christmas

Michael Coveney: Petherbridge revives his vaudeville Lear, more Bard news from the RSC

My Perfect Mind returns to the Young Vic, while there are some strange things on the horizon in Stratford

Eric Potts On... Dick Whittington

Eric Potts is the script writer and creative associate for First Family Entertainment and he stars as Sarah the Cook in Dick Whittington in Manchester, alongside Ashleigh and Pudsey and Jodie Prenger. Here, we chat about his love of the panto.

Dick Whittington

Theatre Royal Stratford East's panto, Dick Whittington, opened last week

Dick Whittington (Stockport)

Sarah Bloomer is left underwhelmed by this underpowered panto at the Stockport Plaza.

Dick Whittington (Hornchurch)

How many miles from Hornchurch to the City of London? wonders Dick Whittington as his story unfolds at the Queen's Theatre.

Dick Whittington (Ipswich)

It's loud, not to say noisy. It has a couple of new twists to the traditional story. It has to be Dick Whittington at the Ipswich New Wolsey Theatre