Dark Vanilla Jungle

New London theatre to open in former underground car park
The Bunker will open on Southwark Street and has announced its full autumn season
Dark Vanilla Jungle (Soho Theatre)
By Alex Macdonald
Gemma Whelan gives an impressive performance in Philip Ridley's solo play at the Soho Theatre
Dark Vanilla Jungle (The Salberg Studio, Salisbury)
By David Jobson
Ridley's bleak monologue never holds back in portraying the tough life of a young girl.
Dark Vanilla Jungle (Edinburgh Fringe)
Philip Ridley's new play, about 'one girl's craving for family and home', premieres at the Pleasance Courtyard
Dark Vanilla Jungle (Manchester)
Assuming the form of some sort of confessional, Philip Ridley's new play Dark Vanilla Jungle is one that explores the manipulation of trust to devastating effect. In a ...