Cathy Tyson

20 Questions: Cathy Tyson - 'The story of Marie Curie is exhilarating'
By Editorial Staff
The Mona Lisa star is about to appear in Alan Alda's debut play Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie at the Tabard Theatre
Bright Phoenix (Everyman, Liverpool)
By Carole Baldock
It may baffle at times, but Bright Phoenix is also quite magical, says Carole Baldock.
Cast: Everyman's Bright Phoenix
Penny Laydon, Cathy Tyson and Paul Duckworth feature in this new play by Jeff Young.
Monkey Bars (Tour - Salford)
By Editorial Staff
Julia Taylor sees Monkey Bars as more than child's play.
Liverpool actress Cathy Tyson stars in Edinburgh Festival hit Monkey Bars
By Editorial Staff
Former Emmerdale'' actress and Liverpool star Cathy Tyson will feature alongside Only Fools and Horses' actress Gwyneth Strong when a hilarious and truthful piece of verbatim theat