Black Coffee

Black Coffee (Tour - Manchester)
By Donna Kelly
A timeless murder mystery that's sure to ignite your little grey cells.
Jason Durr chats about Black Coffee
Jason Durr is playing Belgian super sleuth Poirot. We chat to him about the appeal of Agatha Christie and how he approaches playing an iconic character.
Robert Powell returns to Poirot role in Murder on Air
Salfordian actor is set to play Agatha Christie's Belgian detective, following his recent turn as the character in Black Coffee.
Black Coffee (Cambridge)
Be careful in your choice of after-dinner beverage! Black coffee is not to be recommended. Unless, of course, it comes in the shape of Agatha Christie's 1930 play of the same name
Robert Powell plays Poirot in UK tour of Christie's Black Coffee
By Editorial Staff
The tour opens in Windsor on 7 January 2014
Blackpool Grand New Season features Brassed Off and Poirot
Blackpool Grand are bringing audiences ballet, Brassed Off and Robert Powell in the thriller Black Coffee