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Kate Thornton and Gok Wan among guests at Denise Van Outen's Some Girl I Used to Know gala night
By Ben Hewis · 28 Aug 2014

The show is currently playing at the Arts Theatre in Leicester Square following a UK tour

My Theatre Firsts: Denise Van Outen
By Ben Hewis · 14 Aug 2014

Some Girl I Used To Know comes to the West End from 22 August

Denise Van Outen's one-woman show transfers to Arts Theatre
By Rosie Bannister · 25 Jun 2014

The musical play, Some Girl I Used To Know, opens at the London venue on 22 August following a UK tour

Golden Voice musical premieres under new title Best of Friends
By Theo Bosanquet · 8 Apr 2014

Nick Fogarty's show has been reworked for a small cast at the Landor Theatre

Pygmalion (tour – Cambridge)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 5 Mar 2014

One of the troubles with Shaw's "Pygmalion" for a post-1958 audience is that Lerner grabbed so many of the catchiest phrases for "My Fair Lady".

Ghost Stories (Arts Theatre)
By Jimmy Kelly · 4 Mar 2014

Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson's spooky play returned to the Arts Theatre where it opened last week

Moon on a Rainbow Shawl
By Wilfred Arasaratnam · 11 Feb 2014

Talawa Theatre Company makes an interesting decision in reviving and touring this classic but little-known Errol John play. Set in recently independent 1950s Trinidad, we are given a West Indian kitchen-sink drama –a verandah-front drama, given the set – that draws us back to that period.

Eternal Love (tour - Arts Theatre, Cambridge)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 7 Feb 2014

Howard Brenton's new title for his drama about Abelard and Eloise, "Eternal Love", is itself a play upon words. Eternal and love are at the same time human, religious and political-philosophical concepts

Black Coffee (Cambridge)
By Anne Morley-Priestman · 21 Jan 2014

Be careful in your choice of after-dinner beverage! Black coffee is not to be recommended. Unless, of course, it comes in the shape of Agatha Christie's 1930 play of the same name

Dickens Abridged
By Giles Cole · 3 Dec 2013

The Reduced Shakespeare Company's Dickens Abridged opened at the Arts Theatre last night (2 December 2013)