Arts Cuts

Matt Trueman: Cuts are threatening artist development
'Very few emerging artists can command sizeable audiences off their own backs'
Correcting the London bias: £600m should be taken from capital and given to regions, says new report
By Terri Paddock
The arts funding debate is taken up a gear with the publication of Rebalancing Our Cultural Capital, which highlights the disparity between arts in London and other parts of the country
Infographic: The economic impact of Arts & Culture in the UK
By Editorial Staff lays out the facts from the recent Arts Council report on the economic impact of the arts in the UK
Vote in WOS Poll: Are Arts Funding Cuts Harsh?
By Editorial Staff
The axe has fallen. Arts Council England (ACE) this week announced how the Government's public sector cuts will affect the arts over the next four years. It decided, rather than "...