Arcola Theatre

The Kreutzer Sonata (Arcola Theatre)
Greg Hicks stars in Nancy Harris' stage adaptation of Tolstoy's novel
Cargo (Arcola Theatre)
David Mercatali directs the premiere of Tess Berry-Hart's play about stowaways concealed in a shipping container
It was important for me to see the Calais camp first hand
By Jack Gouldbourne
Actor Jack Gouldbourne is playing a child refugee in new play Cargo. He headed to Calais to discover the experience of refugees first hand
5 times technology and theatre clashed
With the news that Jeff Bridges will be 'E-appearing' in a show in London, here's five other times technology and theatre have clashed
After Independence (Arcola Theatre)
May Sumbwanyambe's new play about Zimbabwe has real eloquence and even-handedness
The Sugar-Coated Bullets of the Bourgeoisie (Arcola Theatre)
Modern Chinese history is explored in Anders Lustgarten's epic new drama
Scenes from 68* Years (Arcola Theatre)
This new play by Palestinian-Irish playwright Hannah Khalil travels through time to paint a picture of occupation in Palestine
Hannah Khalil: What exactly is an Arab actor?
By Hannah Khalil
Playwright Hannah Khalil on why what people think of as ‘an Arab' probably doesn't exist
The Dishonoured (Arcola Theatre)
Kali Theatre's new show is a political thriller based in Lahore
HighTide's 10th anniversary programme is announced
The Suffolk-based festival features four world premieres