Guest Blog: Lindsay Lohan - a cautionary tale of celebrity casting
By Dawn Farrow · 3 Oct 2014

'Our industry needs to take more responsibility when it comes to using celebrity names'

Michael Coveney: Censorship scare gets serious as Mamet becomes a Lindsay-fest
By Michael Coveney · 2 Oct 2014

'Lohan has already been gleefully pre-judged in some quarters'

Catherine Love: Can everyone really get talking across cultures?
By Catherine Love · 29 Sep 2014

The upcoming Best of BE Festival and All Change offer two models for international cultural conversation

Michael Coveney: Bitef in Belgrade raises the bar for international theatre
By Michael Coveney · 25 Sep 2014

Our chief critic spent a long weekend at Belgrade's annual theatre festival

Guest Blog: Award-winning playwright Kaite O'Reilly on Woman of Flowers
By Kaite O’Reilly · 24 Sep 2014

O'Reilly talks about the processes she went through for her latest work including writing the lead part for Sophie Stone - the first Deaf actor ever to graduate from RADA

Guest Blog: What is a Tweet Seat?
By Matt Hamm · 23 Sep 2014

Matt Hamm, Social Media Manager at Dewynters, provides a low-down on one of the latest marketing techniques to hit the West End

NYT Blog: Moving In
By Kate Kennedy · 23 Sep 2014

National Youth Theatre REP member Kate Kennedy explains the process of getting in to the theatre

Catherine Love: Time up for show times?
By Catherine Love · 22 Sep 2014

Instead of just the standard evening time slot, could theatres start getting more inventive with when they programme performances?

Opera discounts: do they deliver?
By Simon Thomas · 20 Sep 2014

When Anna Nicole opened, an audience of 16-25s paid next to nothing to get in. But will they be back?

Guest Blog: 'The revolution won't be televised, but coded by a 14 year-old'
By Debbie Hannan · 19 Sep 2014

Teh Internet is Serious Business at the Royal Court examines the story behind the Anonymous group of hackers. Here, assistant director Debbie Hannan gives us a glimpse inside the rehearsal room.