Catherine Love: The power of panto
By Catherine Love · 2 Dec 2013

Love them or loathe them, Christmas shows offer a rare opportunity to get new audiences enthusiastic about the possibilities of theatre

Michael Coveney: From Hackney Downs to Middlemarch highs and bad manners
By Michael Coveney · 2 Dec 2013
There's nothing more tedious than critics going on about how much they're seeing or how much they enjoy what they do despite everything, blah-blah; similarly, the old critical stand-by of how
Michael Coveney: Vicky Featherstone shakes things up (and jumps out a box) on the Culture Show
By Michael Coveney · 28 Nov 2013

Our chief critic caught up with the BBC's Culture Show episode devoted to Featherstone and the Royal Court

Michael Coveney: Bob Dylan and other mystical mysteries in Kilburn
By Michael Coveney · 27 Nov 2013

Dylan, now 72, has returned to London for a series of concerts at the Albert Hall

Guest Blog: There is nothing like a (panto) dame
By Eric Potts · 26 Nov 2013

'Dame extraordinare' Eric Potts knows more than most about the ancient art of cross-dressing in the name of festive fun

Catherine Love: Breaking the culture of silence about bullying (and money) in the arts
By Catherine Love · 25 Nov 2013

Equity's report on bullying in the arts and Bryony Kimmings' blog on artists and money both suggest the case for more transparency in the industry

Michael Coveney: Hooray for Hull and good vibrations in Lille
By Michael Coveney · 25 Nov 2013

Our chief critic salutes the awarding of the title of UK City of Culture 2017 to Hull, and reflects on a slew of 50th anniversaries

Michael Coveney: Who needs artistic directors? Not even the new JW3 arts centre?
By Michael Coveney · 19 Nov 2013

A theatre can only forge its own personality and reputation with an artistic director at the helm

Catherine Love: Royal Court offers food for thought
By Catherine Love · 18 Nov 2013

What might theatre be able to tell us about what and how we eat?

Michael Coveney: Standard awards special prizes to Smith, Spacey, Walliams and Lloyd Webber
By Michael Coveney · 18 Nov 2013

Last night's star-studded ceremony at the Savoy was hosted by Damian Lewis