Jo Caird: It's Time to Talk about Disability Arts
By Jo Caird
Last week’s Arts Council England funding announcement meant good news for some arts organisations and bad news for others. It would be premature to attempt to draw too many conclusions from la
Toby Whines On, Tommo Winds Down?
I'm much enjoying this week's Book of the Week on BBC Radio 4, not just because I wrote it, but because Toby Jones is giving a masterclass, in his own quiet way, in how to suggest the full range of a ...
Boss Blog: Who's Squealing Like a Stuck Pig?
By Terri Paddock
Last Sunday, three days before the Arts Council’s funding cuts announcement, the Sunday Times’ review of Kneehigh’s production of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg was publish
Changing the Landscape
A few of us lingered by London Bridge tube station the other night after the opening of Smash! at the Menier Chocolate Factory. We were contemplating the Shard, as it's known, the remarkable, and ...
What Kind of Fool Was Ken?
Well, hello, it's April Fool's Day. What a beautiful day, missus, what a beautiful day, as Ken Dodd would say, for shoving a cucumber in the vicar's letter-box and shouting, "The Martians have landed!...
Michael Coveney: Cold Cuts at High Tables
So, the National and the RSC (and the Royal Opera House) are taking big 15% ("real terms") hits in their Arts Council funding in order to help out the rest of the clientele. But a similar percentage
All My Sons, Daughters & Friends
Much the most interesting article written about Elizabeth Taylor was Philip French's in the Observer at the weekend, when he made the crucial point that Taylor was one of a close-knit ...
Jo Caird: The Power of Promenade
By Jo Caird
Those of you who've read my stuff before will probably be aware of my childlike enthusiasm for promenade and interactive theatre. When done well, this type of performance can offer the most magical
Arrivederci, Franco
A long weekend in Turin was nearly spoilt when I opened my copy of La Stampa at the breakfast table and saw that the great Italian critic Franco Quadri had died in Milan aged 74. For many y
Boss Blog: The Lure of the Longrunner - & Other Tourist Tales
By Terri Paddock
My 18-year-old nephew visited me from California this month. Over the ten days of his holiday visiting his Aunt Terri (he arrived early the morning after the Oliviers – that was a fun, bleary-ey