WOS Outing to Sheehan's Playboy Debut
By Whatsonstage.com Outing
Robert Sheehan, star of TV comedy Misfits, makes his professional stage debut alongside old-hands Niamh Cusack and Ruth Negga in the Old Vic's Playboy of the Western World this autumn ...
Jo Caird: As Seen On TV? - When Theatre Looks to Television for Audiences
By Jo Caird
Watching Downton Abbey on Sunday night, I was surprised to see an advert for the National Theatre's production of War Horse in the West End. I don't watch a lot of television, so t
Cheerio Chekhov in Belgrade
I have mixed feelings about Frank Castorf's undeniably interesting Berlin production of Chekhov's Three Sisters at the BITEF festival in Belgrade. First, it's muddled in with a digested version of
BITEF Bravo in the Balkans
It was almost like old times. On the way in, you are handed a piece of cotton wool to stuff in your ears. The actors strip naked and cry openly at the accompanying music. They insult the audience and ...
Boiling in Belgrade
With temperatures set at constant in the mid-30s, this is the hottest Belgrade September in living memory, according to the Bitef festival's co-founder and artistic director, Jovan Cirilov. How nea
Training with Troughton
I spend quite a lot of my life shuttling between home and theatres on the North London line which runs from Stratford in the east to Richmond in the west. It's a much improved service, with an ...
WOS Theatregoers Rock Out with Collins et al
By Whatsonstage.com Outing
Last night (14 September) a Whatsonstage.com theatre group of 180 (many in suitably rock T-shirts) descended on the Shaftesbury Theatre for a trip back to the 1980’s with the jukebox musical
Jo Caird: Gr8 Show, Shame Re T'Tweeting
By Jo Caird
As I scanned through the press release for A Clockwork Orange, the show currently running at Theatre Royal Stratford East (see below for my review), I noticed the following paragraph, tag
Another Day, Another New Play
It's always dangerous to start parcelling theatre up into different and possibly conflicting categories: musical theatre, new plays, classical revivals, site-specific performance, and so on. G
Becoming an Actor: Can You Have Enough TV?
By James Warwick
At drama school classes in screen acting are an important surprise. The big and little screens are continuing to become more prevalent mediums and, as they grow, they’ll offer more opportunity f