A Wondrous Place Electricity/Dog/What Space Between/Porter's Brook

Northern Stage (previously known as Newcastle Haymarket Playhouse)
Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE1 7RH
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Four extraordinary adventures in a re-imagined North - four fresh new perspectives on Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield and Manchester.

Electricity - Angel discovers that Manchester can be as glamorous as New York and as romantic as Paris: "The cobbles round here are like stepping stones into a new world." Dog - Haunted by a terrible event, Jonny seeks redemption and forgiveness within the midnight streets of Liverpool: "This moment is everything...where I sink or swim, where the tide takes me or I learn to fight the tide...Everything depends on this." What Space Between - Eme has an extraordinary encounter with Gateshead's Dunston Rocket: ?Its smells, its feel, its colours, its joys, its losses - they are in my bones, my blood, my teeth, my sweat, my nails.' Porters Brook - Adam's life is saved by the spirit of Sheffield's people: "We're pioneers, up here, chucking sense out of the window. We're an experiment."