Opened 5 Jul 2013
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The Scottish Play - theatrical types consider saying its name to be unlucky! Thrust into power by his overwhelming desires and an over ambitious wife, Macbeth finds his only security is to murder and murder again. From "When shall we three meet again" to "is this a dagger I see before me" this is a powerful Shakespearean drama.

Live-streamed via NT Live on 20 July 2013.

Part of Manchester International Festival. This event takes place at Campfield Market Hall, Campfield Avenue Arcade, Manchesater M3 4FH


Plays Cast: Harry Potter star in Southwark Moment, more for Branagh's Macbeth - 24 May 2013

Alex Kingston stars opposite Branagh’s Macbeth in Manchester church - 12 Apr 2013

Branagh plays Macbeth for Ashford at Manchester International Festival - 9 Nov 2012

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