Before Juliet

Opened 17 Mar 2014
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The story of Rosaline, or "Roz" Hope; a complicated and isolated girl, living with her mother, Elaine, and Kamil Capulet in the city of Mancia. Roz finally has everything she could wish for and her perfect universe is carefully constructed to be a place she understands and can function in, happily. She has her mother, her successful father figure and most importantly: a boyfriend, Romeo. After an unexpected announcement: the arrival of Capulet's real daughter, Juliet, everything in Roz's universe starts to crack, which, when you have Borderline Personality Disorder, can make for frightening consequences. Set in a time and city where ignorant prejudices, demonstrations and riots tear people apart and cost young boys their lives, Before Juliet aims to bring a dark and enlightening version of Romeo and Juliet unlike any you've ever seen.

Featuring TMSC 'Rude Mechanicals'