The Musicians of Bremen

Opened 17 Feb 2014
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This lovely, hilarious and often tender Grimm Brothers take is about triumph over adversity, ambition, friendship, loyalty, bravery and what it’s like to get old. Bruno, a very fine, but old donkey decides to run away to the city of Bremen to become a jazz musician. Because he can’t pull the farmers cart anymore and he’s going to be made into glue! With him he takes Alberta a fox hound who is afraid of foxes, a very pretty cat called Cornelia who is scared of mice and Fritz, a magnificent red rooster with and extremely loud voice, who is going to be cooked into a pie for being so noisy! Luckily they are all very good musicians so they set out to make a new life for themselves as The Musicians of Bremen - and what adventures they have.

Running time: 45mins. Suitable for ages 3+