Fever Pitch, the play, is a hugely successful adaption of the best selling book by Nick Hornby and is presented by Brighton-based theatre company, the future is unwritten, as part of Brighton Fringe 2012. Back on stage, after a ten year absence, it promises us “45 minutes of fast, funny and exhilarating theatre” and it delivers exactly that – and more.  

The show delves deep into the mind of a fanatical football fan, from the moment his obsession starts on his first visit through the turnstiles at Highbury, touching all the other facets of his life, and following the trials and tribulations of an avid football fan. It takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster as we all follow this passionate fan’s journey through life, football, relationships and family as well as an honest and open account of his quest to find an identity and place in the world.  

This one-man show, brilliantly performed by actor James Kermack is funny, entertaining and gripping from the moment it starts. The opening scene of the show at first shocks the audience, gives them an insight into what is to follow and sets the emotional rollercoaster’s wheels in motion. One crazed man, running around the stage shouting and cheering at the top of his voice, displaying the pure joy and jubilation at seeing his team victorious, and we go from there.

The production is expertly crafted throughout and creatively put together, with Kermack portraying his character incredibly well. He encourages the audience to relate to every emotion, as he sees it. In a piece that is both intimate and honest, we travel with him through the emotion of every word that is said.

From initially displaying all the traits of the stereotypical football hooligan he soon begins to show that he is actually a deeply thoughtful and endearing man, just learning to find his way, and place, in life. We travel with him on his journey to find himself, and his experiences of the prejudices, and social structure, of the football pitch along the way.

Overall it’s a great show, whether you’re a football supporter or not. There is something for everyone, in this fast paced journey though life, love, and of course the beautiful game and it is definitely not to be missed!