As I gallop from one venue to another, I meet hundreds of people, some new this year,many I have met  before..and we all fall in love.  The intensity of the fringe experience and the frenetic pace we all keep seems to heighten our human connection.  Just today I met with Lisa Conlan an old friend of almost twenty years , Paul and Helen a couple who found me at The Argyle, Charlotte Morngan who takes care of the thirsty and hungry there and each encounter seems like the most wonderful exciting moment of the day.  I charge down the Grassmarket and run into Keith at Greyfriars, and hundreds of familiar faces that I know but cannot name.  Still wrapped in euphoria, I run to Fringe Central and see Kate Saffin who calls me The Tooth Fairy because she cannot remember my name and two angels from Brighton who have been following my career with more interest than I deserve.  It is these Edinburgh moments, the love, the caring the delightful conversation, observations and jokes that make this month the most special one in the year.