During the, sometimes quiet, summer months in the seaside theatres a number of unusual events have started to be announced and just about the cleverest, and most imaginative, of them all will be taking place in the Theatre Royal Brighton.


Under the umbrella title of Open All Hours, the first events to be publicised are Stage Whispers and Apparitions and they both offer a chance to experience the, usually unseen, parts of this beautifully historic theatre.


Stage Whispers (minimum age 18 years) takes place on 10 August at 7.30pm and 9.30pm and, for this particular experience, the guests will be greeted at the stage door and will enter the building the way countless theatrical stars have done before. The theme is a 1950’s cocktail party and, to start the evening, drinks will be served centre stage. The host will impart their knowledge of the theatre’s history whilst guests also enjoy some light music and a tour of the Stage Whispers installation.


The second of the events, Apparitions (minimum age 16) will happen on 17 and 18 August at 8.30pm and 10.00pm and, this time, the guests will enter through the Theatre Royal’s brand new coffee shop, The Parlour. Once the guests are all assembled they will be taken through into the empty theatre for an atmospheric experience of stories and suggestions that will bring them out in goosebumps.


Both events have very limited capacity so early booking will be essential for these very unusual opportunities to experience the Theatre Royal in a way that most people never can.