A reminiscence theatre piece, by Savvy Theatre Company, about the life of an evacuee during World War Two comes to the Brighton Fringe with memories, masks and mischief.


The Girl on the Platform is a family friendly show, utilising full-face masks, music from the era and the recorded wartime memories of Brenda Norfield. Brenda, now in her late 80’s, was evacuated to Rhyl in North Wales at the onset of the Blitz.  She acts as narrator, talking us through some of her most poignant memories that are not only unique to her, but relevant to Britain’s history at the time.


Sheree Vickers, Artistic Director of SAVVY Theatre said, “What started life as an inter-generational community project has now transformed into a delightful and accessible piece of physical theatre.  I’m delighted that this play has continued to live after its initial beginnings.” 


An award-winning company, SAVVY Theatre brings diverse, isolated & vulnerable members of the community together in collective theatre-making projects.  This is there first visit to the Brighton Fringe.


The Girl on the Platform plays at the Friends Meeting House on 11 May at 2.00pm, 12 May at 12.00pm and 2.00pm and 13 May at 4.00pm.