Alice in Wonderland Venue and Location

Unity Theatre
1 Hope Place, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 9BG

Unity Theatre

1 Hope Place Liverpool, Merseyside L1 9BG


Dead and Breathing
Keisha Thompson: Man on the Moon
The Jungle Book
Instructions For Border Crossing
The Hartlepool Monkey
Girls Like That
You've Changed
Fenella Fielding - Do you mind if I smoke?
Mack and Mabel
Mack and Mabel
Jinkx Monsoon & Major Scales - The Vaudevillians Tour
Medea, Written in Rage
Edward and Eliza and The Smashing of the Van
Child of the Divide
Arun Ghosh
My Beautiful Black Dog
Sofie Hagen - Dead Baby Frog
Mr Darcy Loses the Plot
Murray Lachlan Young
Gypsy Queen
And Here I Am
Chekhov in Hell
The Damned United
The Government Inspector
Made in Dagenham
Women Beware Women
Spring Awakening
Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf
Mary Barton
Laurence Clark - Independence
Can I Start Again Please?
Claire Cunningham - Give Me a Reason to Live
Assisted Suicide: The Musical
Assisted Suicide: The Musical
David Hoyle - In the Company of Friends
Looking for John
Penny Arcade - Longing Last longer
Zoe Lyons - Little Misfit
The Rise and Fall of The Hamburger Queen
Zoe Lyons - Little Misfit
Homotopia: Dance Triple Bill - Wild Thing/Passionaria: A Fantasia of Ham and Sequins/A Blighted Life
Nina - A Story About Me and Nina Simone
Happy Hour
Simon Munnery
Tiff Stevenson - Seven
The Diary of a Hounslow Girl
Urinetown The Musical
George Egg - Anarchist Cook
Wendy Houstoun (UK) - Stupid Women
Physical Fest Double Bill - Oog (Scotland)/Cabaret from the Shadows (UK)
Fest Live
Blind Man's Song
Trygve Wakenshaw (NZ) - Nautilus
Matt Forde - Get the Political Party Started
The Last Five Years
The Joke
Mark Watson - I'm Not Here
Mark Watson - Flaws
Dirty Pakistani Lingerie
Crimes of the Heart
Much Ado About Nothing
Bardolph's Box
Stephen K Amos - The Laughter Master
Move Over Moriarty
The Princess and the Pea
Hot Water Comedy Club Specials
The Poetry Joe Show
The Witches of Eastwick
She Called Me Mother
Tmesis - That's Amore
Adam Rowe - Opinionated Hypocrite
The Bogus Woman
Sarah Millican - Outsider
John Robins - Edinburgh Comedy Preview
Max & Ivan - Edinburgh Comedy Preview
Broken Biscuits
Patrick Monahan - Edinburgh Comedy Preview
Hal Cruttenden - Edinburgh Comedy Preview
Queertet - 2015
Glenn Wool - Edinburgh Comedy Preview
Markus Birdman - Edinburgh Comedy Preview
Adolf in Toxteth
Millionaires Anonymous
Jane and Lizzie
The Art of Falling Apart
Bonnie and Clyde - The Musical
Red Skies
Ancient Routes
Sirocco Academy of Egyptian Dance - Club Orientale
Caz & Britney present Mis Les - Mis Les: A Revolution in Rollers
Colonial Bast**ds - Colonial Bast**ds: On Charity
Bec Hill - Edinburgh Comedy Preview
Phil Nichol - Edinburgh Comedy Preview
Honky Tonk Hideaway
O No!
Fest Live - International Showcase
Indomador: Animal Religion
Ship of Fools: From the Cradle to the Bin
Wendy Houstoun (UK) - Pact with Pointlessness
Liverpool Musical Theatre Showcase
Inglorious Insinuations of Insanity
Sheriff & Ballot Box Ballads Redux
U Decide - Unity Theatre Liverpool 2015 Election Special
Every Brilliant Thing
Jonny & The Baptists - Rock the Vote
Early Days (of a better nation)
Unheard Party
Backstage in Biscuit Land
Tales From The Blue Room
Stella - A story of women, their men and astronomy
Tick... Tick... Boom!
My Clockwork Heart
Children's Easter Weekend
Scratch Night - New Work
Call Mr Robeson - A Life with Songs
Moving Dance Forward - LEAP 2015
Traditional Han Chinese Culture Show
Compagnie Boukousou - Depwofonis - LEAP 2015
I is an Other - LEAP 2015
Nursing Lives
Emergency Story Penguin
Krapp's Last Tape
R.I.O.T. - LEAP 2015
Josie Long - Cara Josephine
Space Panorama - & Ring Hands
Where Caterpillars Go
Mark Watson - Flaws
The Joke
Lost Minutes
Over the Garden Fence
Tmesis - That's Amore
This Last Tempest
The Midnight Ramble
The Only Way is Downton
Caz & Britney present Mis Les
Song of Semmersuaq
The Boy Who Kicked Pigs
Mojisola Adebayo Retrospective
Triple Dance Bill - Body of Light/My Empty Closet/O Maria
Le Gateau Chocolat - Black
Fenella Fielding: My Scouse Voice
Dark Cell + Mana
Pendulums Bargain Emporium
Biko's Quest
Rainbow Scars
My Perfect Mind
Lost Minutes
Jack and the Beanstalk
Not About Heroes
Not About Heroes
Clybourne Park
Where Caterpillars Go
James Acaster - Recognise
Sean Hughes - Penguins
Laurence Clark - Moments of Instant Regret
Bridget Christie - A Bic for Her
Rose of June
The Judgement of Hakim
That Is All You Need to Know
Anna Corcoran
Andy Frizell and the Theatre Orchestra
Julian Cope - An Evening with Julian Cope
Mind the Gap
The Art of Falling Apart
The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha
MenSWEAR Collection Three. Two. F*ck/SPUNK
Live Forever
Glenn Wool Preview
Grace and The Sea
Sara Pascoe Sara Pascoe Vs History
Rob Deering Preview
The Ghosts of Kirkdale
Wolf Red
The Curious Disappearance of Mr Foo
Sir Henry At Rawlinson End
War Correspondents
Waiting for Summer
Funoon Wa Alwane
From the Cradle to the Bin
Fest Live
Cotton Wool
Beside the Seaside
Dorian Gray
An Extraordinary Light
Gary Delaney 2: This Time it's Not Personal
After What Comes Before
Chalk Farm
More Light
Romeo and Juliet
I'm Happy Here (honest)
How to Occupy an Oil Rig
North North North
Only Fools & Boycie
Finding Joy
Ballad of the Burning Star
No Pomp! Just Circumstance
I Am a Voice
For Their Own Good
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
The Tryals of Anne Bonny
Richard Herring Richard Herring's Meaning of Life - Work in Progress
Extra Happy Happy
Scratch Night
How to be Immortal
Bella: Queen of the Blackfriars Ring
The Year of the Horse Chinese Cultural Show
Three Of a Kind
The Judgement of Hakim
The Bells
Virtually Reality
Scottie Road The Musical
The Pied Piper
For One Night Only
Beauty and the Beast
Alice in Wonderland
Caz & Britney present Mis Les
Le Gateau Chocolat Black
DeNada Dance Theatre/Diciembre Dance Group Young Man!/Cameo Cookie/Variations of the Heart
David Hoyle In the Company of Friends
Dickie Beau Lost in Trans
Of Saints and Go-go Boys
Earthfall Chelsea Hotel
Failure (And Other Opportunities for Non-Linear Success)
Stephen Fearing with TJ & Murphy
Middle Eastern Dance Showcase
Translunar Paradise
Lucy Porter People Person
Life Without Oscar
Best of BE Festival
Hurricane Hill
Pat Shortt I Am the Band
The Master and Margarita
John Bishop
The Road to Skibbereen
Sting Like a Butterfly
Hoverin' On The Edge
Last Tango at St Leonards
Guardian Angel
Spooky Tales
The Unthinkable Mystery of the Indigo Star
Robin Ince The Importance of Being Interested
How to Fall in Love
Jackie and Eddie. Eddie and Jackie
Ticket to Write
80 Miles from Home
John Robins & James Acaster
Vikki Stone and Markus Birdman
Is There Anybody There
Acoustic Night
When I was a Girl I used to Scream and Shout
A Thousand Murdered Girls
How to Relax in Andalucia
Eleanor Where Are You?
A Cosy Murder
When the Rain Stops Falling
The Dust Man
Funoon Aljazeera Dance Company
Trait & Time Sealed In
Bat Boy - The Musical
Beating McEnroe
Failure (And Other Opportunities for Non-Linear Success)
Live Improvised Jam - Run by Adam Meggido
The Boy with Tape on His Face