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Cast: Eileen O'Brien & Joe McGann in Everyman's Hope Place
By Glenn Meads · 15 Apr 2014 · Liverpool

The newly refurbished Liverpool Everyman announces the cast for its second production, following Twelfth Night.

Catherine Love: Theatre puppetry - not just for kids
By Catherine Love · 14 Apr 2014 · London

It's easy to dismiss popular art forms, but puppetry has proven itself to be about far more than children's entertainment and easy laughs

Samuel West launches '50p for culture' campaign
By Theo Bosanquet · 10 Apr 2014 · National

The campaign aims to highlight local authority spending on the arts

Special Measures (Royal Court, Liverpool)
By Janie Phillips · 10 Apr 2014 · Liverpool

Special Measures treads timely ground and at times is repetitive but always entertaining says Janie Phillips

The Events (Liverpool Everyman)
By Janie Phillips · 9 Apr 2014 · Liverpool

The Everyman is on a roll and Janie Phillips has seen the second great play in their new season