Untold Stories: Hymn

Opened 2 Jun 2014
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Alan Bennett writes: ?In 2001 the Medici Quartet commissioned the composer George Fenton to write a piece commemorating their thirtieth anniversary. George Fenton appeared in my play Forty Years On and has written music for many of my plays since, and he asked me to collaborate on the commission. Hymn was the result. First performed at the Harrogate Festival in August 2001, it's a series of memoirs with music. Besides purely instrumental passages for the quartet, many of the speeches are under-scored, incorporating some of the hymns and music I remember from my childhood and youth.' It's a dwindling band; old-fashioned and of a certain age, you can pick us out at funerals and memorial services because we can sing the hymns without the book. Hymn is coupled with Cocktail Sticks and both are performed as a Sunday double bill.


Untold Stories (West Yorkshire Playhouse) - 6 Jun 2014

West Yorkshire Playhouse begins Alan Bennett season - 19 May 2014

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