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Billie Whitelaw dies aged 82

The star of The Omen was described by Samuel Beckett as 'the perfect actress'

Guest Blog: The recipe for a perfect pantomime
By Emily Wood

'An unshaven, belching, legs akimbo hobnail boot-wearing bloke in a dress is what we're looking for'

The Mystery of St Finnigan's Elbow (Ipswich)
By Wilf Arasartnam

The Eastern Angles Christmas play has long been a theatrical seasonal staple in Ipswich; this year it continues in good form.

Dogs Don't Do Ballet (Ipswich)
By Wilf Arasaratnam

As well as the main house pantomime "Beauty and the Beast", the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich also hosts a production of "Dogs Don't Do Ballet" in the Studio.

Beauty and the Beast (Ipswich – panto)
By Wilf Arasartnam

The New Wolsey Theatre's rock and roll pantomime has become a staple of an Ipswich Christmas; yet again Peter Rowe's well-written show satisfies.

Romeo and Juliet (tour – Ipswich)
By Wilf Arasartnam

As an introduction to Shakespeare, "Romeo & Juliet" is a syllabus staple. Custom/Practice take an unusual approach.

The Trials of Oscar Wilde

There's something about a courtroom drama - even when the case is a historical (not to say, historic) one which exerts a peculiar fascination