The Jungle Book



A magical show

The script? Brilliant! The actors? Brilliant! The movement? Brilliant! The atmosphere/set & costumes? Brilliant! What more could you want? Go see this before it's gone!


The Lion & Unicorn Theatre has outdone itself with a show well worth a look if you are in London this Xmas. Adam Dechanel & Simon J. Collier have struck gold with Jungle Book. Anyone know if this up for an award?

Wonderful night

Saw this last night with my young family and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's far more layered than I remember. A lot to keep my kids (4, 7 & 9) mesmerised, spooked and giggling and its rare that these kind of things keep my husband and I interested but we were not bored at all. If you are looking for something a bit different to panto this is it!