Pat Cahill Edinburgh Preview Venue and Location

Carpenter's Mews, Inner London, Greater London N7 9EF


Carpenter's Mews Inner London, Greater London N7 9EF


Opened 21 Feb 2018. Closing 24 Feb 2018

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The Pin's Work (P) in Progress
Mat Ewins - & Adam Hess: Work in Progress
Ben Pope - Work in Progress
Kiri Pritchard-McLean - Gein's Family Giftshop
Gein's Family Giftshop & Kiri Pritchard-McLean
James Acaster & Lou Sanders - Work in Progress
David Elms - Work in Progress
Duke Cock
Dylan Moran - Work in Progress
Tony Law - Work in Progress
Rhys James and Ed Gamble - Work in Progress
Emma Sidi - Work in Progress
Michael McIntyre - Work in Progress
Bowjangle: The Legend of Excalibow
My Friend, My Partner
My Death
Games and After Liverpool
The Lost Boy Peter Pan
Our Man in Havana
Nick Helm - Nick Helm's Xmas F*ck-Fest
Sisters Comedy Nicetime
James McNicholas and Owen Roberts
Hal Cruttenden - Work in Progress
Robert Newman - A History of Western Philosophy
Get Therapy
Orange Juice
Northanger Abbey
Follow Suit
The Journey
Sarah Bennetto & Bec Hill - All My Life's Mistakes, Catalogued (Volume One)/Out of Order
The Damned United
Shark in the Park
Catriona Knox - Adorable Deplorable
John Hastings - Audacity
Jenny Bede - Eggtime
Jack Dee & Ivo Graham
Alexander Fox - Ringo
Gareth Richards - Idiot Wind - The Church of Gareth
Joe Lycett - I'm About to Lose Control and I Think Joe Lycett
The Pin's Work (P) in Progress
George Lewis - Work in Progress
Jump Out of Skin
Comedy International Showcase
Big Cat
Ad Libido
I Remember
Close Up
More More More
The Rain God
Milton Jones - Milton Jones is Nearly Out There (work in progress)
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Ed Gamble (Mammoth) & Lee Nelson (Serious Joker): Edinburgh Preview
201 Dance Company - Skin
Suspicious Minds
Flesh and Bone
The Pretend Men - Police Cops in Space: Edinburgh Preview
AnimAlphabet the Musical
Rachel Jackson - Bunny Boiler: Edinburgh Preview
Jenny Bede - Edinburgh Preview
Meeting at 33
Todd & God
How to Be Good at Everything
Tim Key - Edinburgh Preview
Nina Conti - In Therapy: Edinburgh Preview
Buzz - A New Musical
Me and My Bee
Don Giovanni - Part of - A Festival of Sex, Love and Death
Great British Mysteries?
Adam Riches - The Inane Chicanery of a Certain Adam GC Riches: Edinburgh Preview
Bad Girls - The Musical
Jekyll and Hyde
Becoming Mohammed
No Finer Life
The Macbeths
Posh - All Female Production
A Night of Comedy in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support
It Is So Ordered
Comedy Reserve - Try Outs
After Party
I Am Beast
The Pin's Radio Tryhout Night
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Spillikin - A Love Story
A Pleasance Scratch
War & War
Tomorrow I'll be Twenty
Wolf Meat
Sophie Willan - Work in Progress
Kate Lucas - Work in Progress
The Theatre Reserve Try-Outs 2017
The Pajama Game
Samantha Baines - 1 Woman, A Dwarf Planet and 2 Cox
Norris & Parker - Work in Progress
John Hastings - Work in Progress
Ken Cheng & Andy Field - Work in Progress
Gabby Best & Pat Cahill - Work in Progress
Daniel Cook & Gareth Cooper
Darren Harriott
Dane Baptiste - Work in Progress
The Drowsy Chaperone
Twayna Mayne - Work in Progress
Legally Blonde
Kae Kurd
Fin Taylor - Work in Progress
Fin Taylor
A Better Life - Rehearsed Reading
Brennan Reece - Work in Progress
Matt Winning & Jordan Brookes - Work in Progress
David Edwards
Show Riches Adam The - Work in Progress
Max & Ivan and Tom Parry
Lloyd Langford - Work in Progress
Carl Donnelly, John Hastings & Jimmy McGhie - Work in Progress
Itch - A Scratch Event
Love Thy Monster
Sex with a Stranger
Colin Hoult/Anna Mann/Andy Parker
The Cat in the Hat
All Quiet on the Western Front
Kieran Hodgson - Triology - Maestro
Kieran Hodgson - Triology - French Exchange
Kieran Hodgson - Triology - Lance
Nick Helm - Nick Helm's Christmas Fuck-Fest 2
Phil Dunning & Mat Ewins - Work in Progress
Shaun Keaveny - Live and Languorous Christmas Special
Andy Parsons - Work in Progress
Chris Turner, Daniel Nils Roberts and Douglas Walker - Work in Progress (3/5 of Racing Minds)
Richard Todd & Mawaan Rizwan - Work in Progress
Jack Barry
Brett Goldstein and Lou Sanders - Work in Progress
Tania Edwards - Work in Progress
Matthew Crosby - Let's Be Friends: Work in Progress
The Three Musketeers
Richard III
The Revenger's Tragedy
A Girl and A Gun
Rob Newman - Work in Progress
Rubber Ring
Dear Home Office
Can You Hear Me Running?
Epic Love & Pop Songs
Project A
Modern Love
Left My Desk at Cresent House
Jekyll and Hyde
Frankie Boyle - Work in Progress
Larry Dean
Joel Dommett - Edinburgh Preview
James Acaster
John Hastings
Spill - A Verbatim Show About Sex
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Beasts
Lucy, Lucy and Lucy Barfield
Get On With It
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Mark Smith & Richard Gadd
Andy Bridge - Aart
Kate Lucas - Whatever Happened to Kate Lucas?
Rachel Parris - Edinburgh Preview
Jamali Maddix - Edinburgh Preview
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Ben Hanlin
Lloyd Griffith - Edinburgh Preview
Luke Kempner - Edinburgh Preview
Andrew Hunter Murray - Round One
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Stuart Laws
Stuart Laws
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Sarah Callaghan
Sarah Callaghan
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Beasts
Departures: A Song Cycle
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Tom Neenan & Phil Dunning
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Bella Younger's Deliciously Stella
Gein's Family Giftshop - Gein's Family Giftshop's Trophy Collection
These Four Walls
A Pleasance Scratch - Fuck You Pay Me/The Weaker Sex/Wondeing Hands/Becoming Mohammed/phroot sahlad/What Goes on in Front of Closed Doors
Nobody's Home
Sex Workers' Opera
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Max & Ivan
Pitschi, The Kitten with Dreams
Blind Man's Song
Pint-Sized - Banjo/Biscuits/Don't Drink the Water/Hunters/Portia/Profiles/When I Met Rosie/Wooden Overcoats
The Very Magic Flute
A Pleasance Scratch
Hub - Season Two
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Bane IV - Work in Progress
A Pleasance Scratch
Poll Function
Rhiannon Faith Company - Scary Shit
LET Award Showcase
Charlie Hartill Fund for Theatre - Tryouts
Pat Cahill - Panjandrum
Sam Simmons - Sam Simmons is Not a People Person: Work in Progress
Kae Kurd & Mo Gilligan
Tez Ilyas - Tez Talks
Matthew Crosby - Let's Be Friends: Work in Progress
Tom Price - Work in Progress
Max & Ivan - WIP it up
Max & Ivan - WIP it up
James Veitch - Work in Progress
John Kearns - Work in Progress
Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin - Work in Progress
Boris & Ingrid
Pete Firman - Work in Progress
The Daily Plays
Joey Page - Imajoenary: Work in Progress
Sleeping Trees - Western?
Sleeping Trees - Mafia?
Rhys James and Ed Gamble - Work in Progress
Darren Walsh
Matt Winning - Work in Progress
Daniel Cook - Work in Progress
Rachel Parris - Work in Progress
Kiri Pritchard-McLean - Kiri Pritchard-McLean is a Hysterical Woman: Work in Progress
Ian Smith - Work in Progress
Red Riding Hood
Nutcracker! The Musical
Isy Suttie - The Actual One: Work in Progress
This Could be Fantastic - Chris Betts/Phil Jerrod/John Hastings
Lazy Susan - The Wireless
The Winter's Tale
Chris Turner - Observational Tragedy & The Haircut; or, The Barbershop Duet: Work in Progress
Staying Alive
A Pleasance Scratch
The Fantastical Tale of the Boy on the Run
Death Puppet Klezma Jam
Sleeping Beauty
The Seed Carriers
Do You Mind?
Black Hoods Cabaret
Punched Cabaret
Next Lesson
Massive Dad
Emma Sidi - Character Breakdown
Mark Smith - Log Flume
Bucket List
The Sunset Five
Saffron Hill
Comedy International Showcase
The Odyssey
The Disappearance of Dorothy Lawrence
These Shining Lives
The Pavement Fundraiser - Comedy & Cabaret
Josh Widdicombe - Work in Progress - London
The Titanic Orchestra
Shakespeare Untold
To She or Not to She
The Pin: Ten Seconds with The Pin
I Am Beast
Captain Morgan 2: The Sea Souls
Brett Goldstein
Captain Morgan 1: The Sands of Time
The Wonderful Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster
Boxed In
The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall
Danny Ward - St Vitus Dance
Mark Simmons - Laugh Yourself Thin
Sarah Callaghan - Elephant
David Elms - Mister Boy
In Cahoots - Two White Guys
Tania Edwards - Edinburgh Preview: Electrifying
Gein's Family Giftshop: Volume 2
The Sunset Five
Massive Dad - 2.0: Step Up 2 Massive Dad
zazU - Edinburgh Preview: A Fete Worse Than Death
Pete Firman - Edinburgh Preview: Super Duper
Comedy Hub
The Daily Plays
Wolf Meat
Sleeping Trees: MAFIA?/WESTERN?
Mattress! Mattress! The Untold Story of the Princess and the Pea
Frieda Loves You
As You Like It
David Elms and Massive Dad
Rhys James and Iain Stirling - Work in Progress
Mid Brow
Gein's Family Giftshop: Volume 2
Jack Dee - Jack Dee's Helpdesk
Cat's Eye
The Merchant of Venice
Kevin Bridges - Work in Progress + Support
Sean Lock - Work in Progress
Hub: Work in Progress
Josh Widdicombe - Work in Progress
Chris Betts & John Hastings - Work in Progress
Beth Vyse & Pat Cahill - Work in Progress
James Hamilton - James Hamilton is so Lonely: Work in Progress
Nick Helm - Mastersworks In Progress
Alex Smith & Adam Hess & Matt Winning - Work in Progress
Stephen Bailey - Should Have Been a Popstar: Work in Progress
Andrea Hubert - Work in Progress
Joe Wells & Tom Toal - Work in Progress
Sean McLoughlin - Work in Progress
Max and Ivan - The End: Work in Progress
Beth Vyse & Luke McQueen - Work in Progress
Alex Edelman - Work in Progress
Morgan & West - Utterly Spiffing Spectacular Magic Show - For Kids (and Childish Grown-ups): Work in Progress
Rob Auton & Phil Wang & Tiff Stevenson - Work in Progress
Jack Barry & Steve Hall & Iain Stirling - Work in Progress
John Robins - Work in Progress
Jarlath Regan & Adam Hess & Paul McCaffrey - Work in Progress
Matt Forde & Mark Smith & Steve Bugeja - Work in Progress
Lazy Susan & Sad Faces - Work in Progress
Harriet Kemsley - Work in Progress
Pete Firman - Work in Progress
James Veitch - Work in Progress
Pierre Novellie & Tim Fitzhigham - Work in Progress
Ian Smith - Work in Progress
David Morgan - Work in Progress
David Elms - Work in Progress
Harry Deansway - Harry Deansway is a Bit of a Character: Work in Progress
Rhys James and Lloy Griffith - Work in Progress
Amy Howerska - Sasspot: Work in Progress
Richard Soames and The Storybeast - Work in Progress
Sean Lock - Work in Progress
The Bastard Queen
A Christmas Carol
The Cat in the Hat
Jess Robinson - Mighty Voice
Sean Lock - Work in Progress
Phil Jerrod & Romesh Ranganathan - Work in Progress
Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin - Work in Progress
Matt Richardson & Angela Barnes
Rich Hardisty & Daniel Simonsen - Work in Progress
Jack Barry, Steve Hall and Steve Bugeja
Jarlath Regan, Adam Hess and Phil Wang
Mark Smith, Ahir Shah and Matt Forde
Nathan Caton and Romesh Ranganathan
Carl Donnelly & Paul McCaffrey & Robert Auton - Work in Progress
Charlie Baker & Ivo Graham - Work in Progress and Gentle Anecdotes Vol. 3
Henry IV Part I
Love's Labour's Lost
Iain Stirling & Tiff Stevenson & Katie Mulgrew
Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin - Work in Progress
Matt Richardson & Greg Burns - Work in Progress
Andy Parsons - Work in Progress
The Curing Room
Hennessy and Friends - Murmurs
For Kicks
David Elms - Nurture Boy
Bec Hill in... Ellipsis
Kieran Hodgson: French Exchange
Massive Dad
Tom Neenan: The Haunting at Lopham House
Surname & Surname: Bang!
Lazy Susan: Extreme Humans
Catriona Knox - Catriona Knox Thinks She's Hard Enough
Free Fall
The Casebook of Max and Ivan
Don't Tell Mother!
Shadow Boxing
Museum of Memories
Vikki Stone Instrumental
Comedy International Showcase
Morgan & West A Grand Adventure
Noel Fielding - Work in Progress
Love Sick
Woman of Flowers
Theories of Flight
Adam Kay and Enemies
Dara O'Briain A Work in Progress 2014
Safe Word
You Must Be the One to Bury Me
A Strong and Beautiful Thread
Civil Rogues
Ishbel and I
Dara O'Briain A Work in Progress 2014
Ivo Graham Bow Ties and Johnnies
Night Bus
Edinburgh Comedy Previews Tiff Stevenson: Optimist & Matt Forde: 24 Hour Political Party People
The Curing Room
Edinburgh Comedy Previews Hayley Ellis & Tom Craine
Potted Sherlock
Alex Horne Monsieur Butterfly - Work in Progress
Edinburgh Comedy Previews Phil Wang & Matt Forde
The Hive
Edinburgh Comedy Previews Iain Stirling & Richard Herring
Edinburgh Comedy Previews Tommy Rowson & Tiff Stevenson
Upsala Russian Circus Sobaki
Edinburgh Comedy Previews Lucy Beaumont & Carl Donnelly
Tom Price Not As Nice As He Looks
Mock Tudor
Show Off
Dan Nightingale Dan Nightingale is Trying His Best Not to be a Dick
Massive Dad
Dan Clark Me, My Selfie and I
The Black Dog
Ian Smith Flappable
Long Story Short
Tania Edwards Always Rihgt
Gein's Family Giftshop: Volume 1
Lloyd Griffith Voice of an Angel Body of a Trucker
Rachel Parris
Daniel Rigby Berk in Progress
Simon Feilder & Ellie Taylor Simon Feilder: All The Things I'm Not/Ellie Taylor: Elliementary
Harry Hill It Might Get Ugly
Little Shop Of Horrors
Rhys James Rhys James Begins
Alex Edelman
Toby: Fuzzbuzz
Lloyd Langford Old Fashioned
Stuart Goldsmith Extra Life
Nish Kumar Ruminations on the Nature of Subjectivity
Beth Vyse Get Up with Hands!
Edinburgh Comedy Previews John Hastings
John Robbins This Tornado Loves You
James Acaster Recognise
Chris Martin Responsibilliness
David Elms Nurture Boy
Shaun Keaveny
Killing Roger
Jess Robinson Mighty Voice
On the Razzle
The Pin
The Sleeping Treelogy: The Magical Faraway Tree
Be Satisfied
Way Back
The Islanders
On the Beach
Red Bastard
Romeo and Juliet
Shaun Keaveny Live and Languorous
Women of Twilight
Guinea Pigs on Trial
I Believe in Unicorns
Ernest and the Pale Moon
Bowjangles On The Box
No Place Like
Mary Shelley
My Name Is Saoirse
Comedy Reserve Year 10 Try Outs
As You Like It
Companion Piece
Tom Bell The Lost Shows of Tom Bell
Adam Kay Adam Kay and Enemies
The City and Iris
Crazy Glue
Each of Us
The Final Revelation of Sherlock Holmes
Now Listen to Me Very Carefully Work in Progress
David Elms Work in Progress
Mark Watson Flaws - Work in Progress
Rhys James Rhys James Begins: Work in Progress
Harriet Kemsley Work in Progress
Vikki Stone Work in Progress
Marcel Lucont Travail En Cours (Work in Progress
Tim Fitzhigham Work in Progress
Richard Herring Richard Herring's Meaning of Life - Work in Progress
Lou Sanders Work in Progress`
Steve Hall & WitTank Work in Progress
Ahir Shah & Matt Forde Work in Progress
Lloyd Griffith Voice of an Angel - Work in Progress
Jason Patterson Work in Progress
Holly Burn Work in Progress - The H Club: Haus of H
Alan Davies Little Victories
Mark Dolan Mark Dolan Changes The World: Work in Progress
Scaramouche Jones
Lloyd Langford Twerk in Progress
Pete Firman Work in Progress
Tom Craine Work in Progress
Tom Craine Work in Progress
The Boy Who Kicked Pigs
Suzi Ruffell & Romesh Ranganathan Work in Progress
Jarred Christmas & Tom Davies Work in Progress
Do We Need YOU after the Apocalypse? The Game Show
Chris Turner & Racing Minds Work in Progress
Isy Suttie Love Letters: Work in Progress
Katherine Ryan Work AND Progress
Peter Pan Goes Wrong
Hey, Presto!
Ivo Graham & Angela Barnes Work in Progress
James Acaster & Stuart Goldsmith Work in Progress
Dan Cook Work in Progress
Shaun Keaveny Live and Languorous
Hayley Ellis & Andy Zaltzman Work in Progress
David Morgan Pretty
A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Revenger's Tragedy
Hennessy and Friends Sketchy Nights
Itch: A Scratch Event
The Disappearance of Sadie Jones
Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin Work in Progress
Frank Skinner Man in a Suite - Work in Progress
I'm an Aristocrat - Get Me Out of Here
The Long Life and Great Good Fortune of John Clare
Baretruth: Theatre Uncut The Wing/Project N.I.G.H.T./Pick One/True or False/Amanda/Capitalism is Crisis
Daniel Sloss Stand Up
Joseph Morpurgo Truthmouth
Birthday Girls 2053
Cariad & Paul A Two Player Adventure
And the Ditches Blossom in Spring
Morning and Afternoon
Sad Faces Sad Faces' Party House!
Rachel Parris The Commission
Casual Violence House of Nostril
League of St George
Play for September Edinburgh Preview
Fascinating Aida Charm Offensive
Carl Donnelly & Matt Forde Edinburgh Previews
The Three Lions
WitTank & Gareth Richards Edinburgh Previews
Richard Herring & Jigsaw Edinburgh Previews
Carl Hutchinson & Russell Kane Edinburgh Previews
I Believe in Unicorns Edinburgh Preview
Outside on the Street Edinburgh Preview
Helen O'Brien & Paul McCaffrey Bronagh's Big Weekend/Name in Lights
Tom Craine & Jimmy McGhie Crying on a Waltzer/Delusions of Candour
Laugh Your Farce Off
Phil Wang & Richard Herring Edinburgh Previews
Ballad of the Burning Star Edinburgh Preview
Ahir Shah & The Comedy Zone Edinburgh Preview
Grainne Maguire & Tom Craine Edinburgh Previews
Ahir Shah & Carl Donnelly Edinburgh Previews
Slightly Fat Features Edinburgh Preview
Jarlath Regan & David Baddiel Edinburgh Previews
Grainne Maguire & Paul McCaffrey One Hour All Night Election Special/Name in Lights
Decomposed: The History of Music Part 1 Edinburgh Preview
Jarlath Regan & Jimmy McGhie Edinburgh Previews
Phil Wang & Jigsaw Edinburgh Previews
Helen O'Brien & Gareth Richards Bronagh's Big Weekend/Gareth Goes Electric
The Collision of Things Edinburgh Preview
Matt Forde & Russell Kane Edinburgh Previews
Mark Smith and Peacock & Gamble The Most Astonishing Name in Comedy/Heart/throbs
Tom Deacon & Wittank Edinburgh Previews
The Comedy Zone & Alex Horne The Comedy Zone/Lies
Adam Drake & Alex Horne No One Man No Cry (A One Man Comedy)/Lies
David Baddiel & Iain Stirling Fame: Not the Musical/At Home
Mark Smith & Ian Stirling The Most Astonishing Name in Comedy/At Home
Peacock and Gamble Heart-throbs
Jimmy McGhie Delusions of Candour
The Beta Males Superopolis
Cariad & Paul A Two Player Adventure
Alan Davies Work in Progress
Eleanor Thom I am Bev
John Robbins Edinburgh Preview
I Need a Doctor: The Unauthorised Whosical Adventure Edinburgh Preview
Pete Firman Scoundrel
Anatomy of a Murder
Luke Benson Edinburgh Preview
The Pin Edinburgh Preview
The Fantasist
Sock Puppet Edinburgh Preview
Take Two Every Four Hours Edinburgh Preview
Play for September Edinburgh Preview
David Trent Edinburgh Preview
Nick Helm
Daniel Simonsen Edinburgh Preview
Birthday Girls Edinburgh Preview
Max and Ivan The Reunion
Tom Rosenthal Edinburgh Preview
Tom Wrigglesworth Utterly At Odd with the Universe
The Noise Next Door Boys on Tour
Brett Goldstein Brett Goldstein Contains Scenes Of An Adult Nature
Suzy Bennett Edinburgh Preview
Stuart Bowden The Beast
Terry Alderton Season Four?
Colin Hoult Edinburgh Preview
Sad Faces Sad Faces' Party House!
Pat Cahill Edinburgh Preview
Laugh Your Farce Off
Deborah Frances-White Voices in Your Head
The Trench