Freshly Scratched Venue and Location

BAC (Battersea Arts Centre)
, Inner London, Greater London SW11 5TN

BAC (Battersea Arts Centre)

Inner London, Greater London SW11 5TN


Meta Meta
Extravaganza Macabre - A Tale of Villainy & Valour in Victorian London
Dele Sosimi
Sons of Kemet
Hackney Colliery Band
Josie Long
James Acaster - Reset
Backstage in Biscuit Land
Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Holly Burn: Double Bill
Give Me Your Skin
Wot? No Fish!!
Electric Dreams
Bricking It
Freshly Scratched
Live Before You Die
Meeting (Australia) - Antony Hamilton and Alisdair Macindoe
New International Voices (Netherlands/Belgium)
Hair Peace
Ross & Rachel
Can I Start Again Please?
Joan Cleville Dance - Plan B For Utopia
Inside Out Mixtape
Paradise Lost (Lies Unopened Before Me)
Reassembled, Slightly Askew
I, Myself and Me
The Preston Bill
Transform Party
Transform Newcomers: Rise to Vertex
Transform Trailblazers
Transform Newcomers: Fadoublegot
Mr and Mrs Clark - Smash It Up
Weekend Rockstars
The Destroyed Room
New Performance-Game
The Man Who Flew Into Space from His Apartment
Life is No Laughing Matter
This Land
Before and After
Hardy Animal
Putting The Band Back Together
This Room
How to Die of a Broken Hearth
The Beanfield
Fire in the Machine
I Am A Promise
The Broke 'N' Beat Collective
I Am Taboo
The Odyssey
This Last Tempest
Every One
Fox Symphony
Give Me Your Love
Town Hall Cherubs
Sara Pascoe - Sara Pascoe's Christmas Assembly
Will Adamsdale - Jackson's Way: The Christmas Top-Up Power Seminar!
Tim Etchells - A Broadcast/Looping Pieces
The Notebook
Time Pieces: Double Bill - The Future Show (Excerpts)
Time Pieces: Double Bill
Freshly Scratched
A House Repeated
Song of Riots
Bridget Christie - A Book For Her
The 56
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Jenny Eclair
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Iain Stirling & Adam Hess: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Joey Page & Stephen Bailey: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Stuart Bowden
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Alex Edelman
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Simon Munnery
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Sean McLoughlin & Harriet Kemsley: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - That Pair & Twisted Loaf: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Katherine Ryan & James Veitch: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Fin Taylor & Tom Price: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Heidi O'Loughlin & Tessa Waters: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Mat Ewins & Alfie Brown: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Sleeping Trees
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - The Pin & Liam Williams: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - David Elms
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Jarlath Regan & Tiff Stevenson: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Phil Wang & Rob Auton: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Holly Burn & Pat Cahill: Double Bill
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Trygve Wakenshaw
Talk About Something You Like
Edinburgh Comedy Previews - Bridget Christie
Until You Hear the Bell
This is How We Die
Like Mother, Like Daughter
The Place at Battersea Arts Centre
Tera Tussing - T-Dance
Tony Adigun and Inua Ellams - Scratch Performance
Igor and Moreno - Idiot-Syncrasy
Robert Clack School Dance Show - Promises of Happiness
Lost Dog - Paradise Lost (Lies Unopened Beside Me)
Backstage in Biscuit Land
The Siege
Mark Thomas - Bravo Figaro
Mark Thomas - Cuckooed
Love Letters to the Home Office
Early Days (of A Better Nation)
Early Days (of a better nation)
Freshly Scratched
I Am & Frequently Asked Questions (Double Bill)
I Am & Under The Covers (Double Bill)
Cardinal Burns
I Am & Phenomena: A Beginner's Guide to Love & Physics (Double Bill)
Jeremy Hardy
Daniel Kitson - Polyphony (A Work in Progress)
Gecko - Missing
Penelope Retold
Lorraine & Alan
Lady GoGo Goch
Songs of Lear
If I Cover My Nose You Can't See Me...
The Paper Cinema's Odyssey
The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland
Until You Hear the Bell
Sara Pascoe - Sara Pascoe Vs History
Bridget Christie - An Ungrateful Woman
By Our Selves
Director's Cut - Homegrown Company
Mouthy Poets on Tour
Daniel Kitson - A Show for Christmas
The Unbuilt Room - Scratch Quartet
Permission Improbable
The Pearl
The Rainy Kingdom
Dad Dancing
This is How We Die
The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity
Echo Beach
Grandpa Joe's Giant Storytelling Bed
Songs for the End of the World
They Come Over Here
If These Spasms Could Speak
Fort G
The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland
Armine, Sister
Major Tom
How to Disappear Completely
Wuthering Heights
Return to the Voice
If Destroyed Still True
Andy Zaltzman Satirist for Hire
Sara Pascoe Sara Pascoe Vs History
Chris Boyd Caution to the Wind/Rob Auton: The Face Show - Double Bill
Alfie Brown Work in Progress
Mike Wozniak Master of Disguise: Scratch
The Pin Sleeping Trees Double Bill
David Trent David Trent Live
Richard Herring Lord of the Dance Settee
If Destroyed Still True
Cariad Lloyd and Louise Ford Double Bill
Josie Long Cara Josephine
Mat Ewins The Six Million Dolllar Ewins
Toby Fuzzbuzz
Wit Tank Old School Secrets
David Elms Nurture Boy
Simon Munnery Sion Munnery Sings Soren Kierkegaard
Tony Law Enter The Tonezone
Wot? No Fish!!
Fine Chisel Dumbstruck
How Does a Snake Shed Its Skin
Caitlin Moran How to Build a Girl
Tiger Lillies A Dream Turns Sour
After a War
The Notebook
New International Voices Double Bill He Who Saw Everything/A Summary of Sex
Fort G
Our Fathers
Alex Horne Monsieur Butterfly - Work in Progress
The Paper Cinema's Odyssey
Brand New Ancients
A Tale from the Bedsit
Major Tom
I Wish I Was Lonely
Ballad of the Burning Star
If Destroyed Still True Scratch
The Last Night in the Life of Alexander Geist Scratch
Put Your Sweet Hand in Mine
Mouth Open, Story Jump Out
It's Ok, It's Only Temporary
Freshly Scratched
The Good Neighbour
Forced Entertainment Tomorrow's Parties
Adrian Howells Salon Adrienne
Gym Party
The Many Apologies of Pecos Bill
The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity
Black T-Shirt Collection
Brian Lobel Ball & Other Funny Stories about Cancer
Shlomo Scratch Performance: Human Geekbox
Shelf Life/Lotta Quizeen's ABC of Home Management
This Tree Has Deep Roots Scratch Performance
Still Night
Songs for the End of the World
Ardal O'Hanlon Live Tour 2013
Don Quijote
I Wish I Was Lonely Scratch Performance
Andy Zaltman
Reverend Billy & Stop Shopping Choir Reverend Billy & Stop Shopping Choir Revolt of the Golden Toad tour, on stages and inside banks in the UK
The Butcher & The Beast Scratch Performance
Ahir Shah
Can We Start Again Scratch Performance
New Art Club Feel About Your Body (How Do You?)
Mark Dolan Totally Awesome
A Conversation with my Dad
The Beginning
The Paper Cinema's Odyssey
Sara Pascoe Sara Pascoe vs. The Truth
The Joy and Wonder Show!
Where the White Stops
Abandoman Moon Rock Boombox
Cathy's Kitchen
Max & Ivan The Reunion
Richard Herring We're All Going to Die
The Islanders
Peacock and Gamble Heart-throbs
Stuart Bowden She Was Probably Not a Robot
Carl Donnelly Now That's What I Call Donnelly Vol. 5
Alex Horne Lies
Stewart Lee Much-a-Stew About Nothing
Walking: Holding