Sarah-Louise Young Julie Madly Deeply

Opened 11 Oct 2013
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Adored by millions, Dame Julie Andrews is a genuine legend of entertainment. But does Mary Poppins ever long to let her hair down at the end of a hard day? Does Maria Von Trapp ever wish she was called sexy instead of saccharine? Find out in this cheeky yet affectionate cabaret with the award-winning singer, West End actress and Fascinating Aida star Sarah-Louise Young, who was recently picked by Time Out as one of London's top ten cabaret performers. Julie's songs from musicals including Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady are intertwined with stories and anecdotes about Andrews' own life, from her beginnings as a child star to the recent challenges of losing her famous singing voice. What emerges is a delightfully funny and candid love letter to a true show business survivor.

Mill Studio


Pure joy

Reviewed by theatrepaul on 14 Dec 2013

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Julie Madly Deeply (Trafalgar Studios) - 13 Dec 2013

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