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Nightfright (tour – Stevenage)
Horror thrillers are a tricky genre. They can cause laughter, sometimes at inappropriate moments. That can be part of an audience’s natural reaction, almost a defence mechanism. It can also deno
Brighton Beach Memoirs (Watford, Palace Theatre)
Families are the bedrock of most cultures. They are also a fruitful source for the material of plays. Watford’s revival of Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon is a marvellous example of
Travels with My Aunt (Hornchurch, Queen's Theatre)
Magic in the theatre happens in many ways. It can be elaborate – elegant words, ear-catching music, elaborate costumes, fantastic scenery, a swirl of movement, a large cast. It can be stark R
The Mating Games (tour – Westcliff)
Actors do like to be loved by their audiences. It’s entirely natural, of course, but there are some theatrical genres where this craving should never be allowed to break the make-believe compact
Ill Met by Moonlight (tour – St Albans)
Moon Fool’s Ill Met by Moonlight takes the fairy scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream – which in any case have elements of nightmare as well as ple
Inside Job (tour – Stevenage)
Escalating guitar arpeggios, a snatch of the fate theme from Carmen. We’re in Spain, at an expatriate villa, on the edge of sun, sandals, sangria – and death in the afternoon. For t
Key Openings in the South-East this Fortnight
OPENING 1 February 2010. The Mating Game by Robin Hawdon is given a new production by Bruce James and stars Damien Williams as the chat-show host in pursuit of a publicist. It is at The Grove ...
Journeys with Endings in East Anglia
Ten years ago, Charles Way’s play In the Bleak Midwinter was taken on tour by Eastern Angles. For the first of this year’s productions, the company is staging his The Long Way Ho
Short Runs and Tall Stories on Stage in Chelmsford
After an extremely successful run of the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk, the two Chelmsford theatres – the main house Civic and the more intimate Cramphorn – have announced their
Stop Messing About (tour-Norwich)
Cashing in on a winning formula is a ploy as old as invention itself. Round the Horne…Revisited was deservedly a success. So why doesn’t Stop Messing About, also directed by