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Key Openings in the South-East and East Anglia This Fortnight
The second half of February has some interesting new shows opening across the East Anglia and South-East England region. Highlights include:OPENING 15 February. Men of the World by John Godber ...
The Secret of Sherlock Holmes (tour – Colchester)
Of all the characters in fiction who have multitudinous lives off the page, Sherlock Holmes – and, as is only logical, Dr Watson – must surely take the crown. Not just films, radio and tel
Huck (tour – Ipswich)
I always feel that putting a novel about a  river journey on stage, especially such an ethereal novel as Huckleberry Finn ( Twain said persons attempting to find a plot will be shot) is qu
Andersen\'s English (tour – Bury St Edmunds)
Genius can be extremely selfish. The outsider does not necessarily see more of the game. Sebastian Barry’s new play Andersen’s English shows us Charles Dickens’ household at Gads Hill ...
Nightfright (tour – Stevenage)
Horror thrillers are a tricky genre. They can cause laughter, sometimes at inappropriate moments. That can be part of an audience’s natural reaction, almost a defence mechanism. It can also deno
Brighton Beach Memoirs (Watford, Palace Theatre)
Families are the bedrock of most cultures. They are also a fruitful source for the material of plays. Watford’s revival of Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon is a marvellous example of
Travels with My Aunt (Hornchurch, Queen's Theatre)
Magic in the theatre happens in many ways. It can be elaborate – elegant words, ear-catching music, elaborate costumes, fantastic scenery, a swirl of movement, a large cast. It can be stark R
The Mating Games (tour – Westcliff)
Actors do like to be loved by their audiences. It’s entirely natural, of course, but there are some theatrical genres where this craving should never be allowed to break the make-believe compact
Ill Met by Moonlight (tour – St Albans)
Moon Fool’s Ill Met by Moonlight takes the fairy scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream – which in any case have elements of nightmare as well as ple
Inside Job (tour – Stevenage)
Escalating guitar arpeggios, a snatch of the fate theme from Carmen. We’re in Spain, at an expatriate villa, on the edge of sun, sandals, sangria – and death in the afternoon. For t