The Adventures of Perseus



The Adventures of Perseus presents one of the most exciting stories from Ancient Greece as told by two professors who have very different ideas about where the story should begin. Starting with Perseus as a boy, the story takes us through all the twists and turns of how Perseus sets out on his great quest to capture the head of Medusa, the snake haired Gorgon. How he tricks the grumpy Graeae, meets the beautiful Hesperides, wins the head of Medusa, helps Atlas the Giant and finally defeats the cruel King Polydectes - rescuing a young maiden, Andromeda, from a sea dragon on the way... Using projection, puppetry, lightning-quick character changes and some pretty impressive physical action, the professors manage to tell the whole story before finally agreeing a suitably happy ending. Children and adults alike enjoy both the bravura fun of the storytelling and the genuine drama and daring of this thrilling tale as it unfolds. Suitable for all ages from 5 - 95.