The 100mSprint

Opened 9 Sep 2013
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The 100m Sprint explores the childhood memories of three sporting elites as they prepare for the most important race of the year! Join them as they delve into the sparks that set their sporting ambitions in motion, recounting what strives them to succeed, and what pitfalls and humiliations have challenged them along the way.

Riding high off the London 2012 Olympics and the venture to make sports more important in schools, The 100m Sprint is an aptly relevant piece of comedic theatrical entertainment. It is a collaboratively devised autobiographical performance, taking inspiration from childhood sporting memories. The piece explores the triumphs and hardships of sporting endeavours and the feelings of elation, embarrassment, and disappointment that accompany them. Experimentation with genuine exertion and exhaustion plays a huge role in the production, exposing the performers' ability to sustain their roles while combating physical deterioration.