Reginald D Hunter In the Midst of Crackers Venue and Location

, Edinburgh, Edinburgh


Edinburgh, Edinburgh


Ben Haenow
This is the Kit
Ben Haenow
Jace Everett
Roddy Woomble
Jelly Beans
Samantha Baines - 1 Woman, A High-Flyer and Flat Bottom
Cambridge Footlights - International Tour Show 2017: Dream Sequence
Ben Fogg - How I Won Best Newcomer 2017
Translunar Paradise
Not About Heroes
Secret Life of Humans
What If the Plane Falls Our of the Sky
Alasdair Beckett-King - The Alasdair Beckett-King Mysteries
From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads
Pip Utton - Greatest Hits
The Ping-Pong Ball Effect - Upsala Circus
Great British Mysteries?
A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)
Bare Skin on Briny Waters
Alan, We Think You Should Get a Dog
Part of the Picture
Our Man in Havana
201 Dance Company - Skin
Murder, She Didn't Write
The Damned United
Luke Kempner - Take a Long Hard Luke at Yourself
How to Be Good at Everything
Flesh and Bone
Finding Nana
Big Bite-Size Lunch Hour: Best Bites
What Goes on in Front of Closed Doors
Kat Bond - Loo Roll
The Tutu Men - Dance in All Its Glory
Suspicious Minds
Lauren Pattison - Lady Muck
Briony Redman - Theory of Positivity
AnimAlphabet the Musical
Ella Enchanted
Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Show
Aaaand Now for Something Completely Improvised
The Giant Jam Sandwich
Me and My Bee
Brennan Reece - Everlong
Natalie Palamides - LAID
Education Education Education
Pippa Evans - Joy Provision!
Me and Robin Hood
Showstopper! The Improvised Musical
Colin Hoult/Anna Mann in How We Stop the Fascists
Kae Kurd - Kurd Your Enthusiasm
Ingrid Oliver - Speech!
Ken Cheng - Chinese Comedian
Giants: For an Hour
Ellie Taylor - This Guy
Plan B for Utopia
Twayna Mayne - Black Girl
Evelyn Mok - Hymen Manoeuvre
Tom Lucy - Needs to Stop Showing Off in Front of His Friends
The Star Seekers
The Nature of Forgetting
Small Laces
Tape Face
Colin Cloud - DARE
Not I
The Paper Cinema's Macbeth
Gary Delaney - There's Something About Gary
Tessa Coates - Primates
The Gruffalo's Child
Future Perfect
Mavis Sparkle
Ingo's War
The Showstoppers' Kids' Show
Curse of Cranholme Abbey
Meeting at 33
All Quiet on the Western Front
Eurobeat - Moldova
Liza Pulman - Everything's Coming Up Roses
Flanders and Swann
Teatro Delusio
Dark Tales
Hamlet in Bed
Bucket List
Comedy Reserve at the Dome
Comedy Reserve at the Courtyard
Nick Mohammed - Mr Swallow - Houdini
Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Show - Programme 2
Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Show - Programme 1
Big Bite-Sized Breakfast Show - Programme 3
Bill Burr
The Naked Magicians
Andrew Hunter Murray - Round One
AAA Stand-Up
Adam Kay - Fingering A Minor On the Piano
Samantha Bains - 1 Woman, A Dwarf Planet and 2 Cox
The Duke
William Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play (abridged)
Ten Story Love Song
Happy Dave
We Live by the Sea
Lucy, Lucy and Lucy Barfield
We Are Ian
Epic Love and Pop Songs
Spill - A Verbatim Show About Sex
Dusty Horne's Sound and Fury
Briony Redman - Secret Show
The Mission
The Inevitable Heartbreak of Gavin Plimsole
Children and Animals
The Marked
They Built It. No One Came
All Quiet on the Western Front
Playing Maggie... The Iron Lady
The Ruby in the Smoke
Callisto: A Queer Epic
A Regular Little Houdini
Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs - The Magic Cutlass
Aaaand Now for Something Completely Improvised
The Duke
Michelle Wolf - So Brave
Tom Allen
Stuart Mitchell - Dealt a Bad Hand
Showstopper! The Improvised Musical
Jess Robinson - Impressive
James Acaster
Lou Sanders - What's That Lady Doing?
Emma Sidi - Telenovela
Tom Ward - Sex, Snails and Cassette Tapes
Twins - Two Balls in a Bag
David Elms - Goody Boy
Rose Matefeo - Rose Matafeo is Finally Dead
Susan Calman - The Calman Before the Storm
We Are Ian
Nish Kumar - Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Unless You Shout the Words Real Loud
Jonathan Pie - Jonathan Pie Live!
Annie McGrath - The Seven Ages of An
Al Porter - Al Porter At Large
Dublin Oldschool
A Tale of Two Cities: Blood for Blood
Erik Satie's Faction
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
Pete Firman - TriX
Best of Edinburgh Showcase Show
Sleeping Trees and the Chocolate Factory
Omid Djalili - Schmuck For A Night
Cardinal Burns - Cardinal Burns Presents...
The Amazing Scene Machine
Best of HUB
Think No Evil of Us: My Life with Kenneth Williams
The Magic of Jim
Red Riding Hood
The Snail and the Whale
The Showstoppers' Kids' Show
Nick Helm - Nobody Likes Me (Work in Progress)
Alice Unhinged
A Gala for Mental Health
The Tartan Ribbon Comedy Benefit
Seance Fiction: The Improvised Haunting
Marcus Brigstocke - Why the Long Face
Katy Brand - I was a Teenage Christian
Mark Watson - I'm Not Here
I Hate Children Children's Show
The Young'uns - Three for All' Tour
Love Birds
I Loved You and I Loved You
Boris: World King
The Last of the Dragons
The Sunset Five
Shakespeare Untold: Romeo and Juliet (The Party Planner's Tale)
The Falcon's Malteser
Girl from Nowhere
Albee Vector the Sound Collector
The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show
Release Your Inner Cartoonist
The Misfit Analysis
Shakespeare Untold: Titus Andronicus (The Piemaker's Tale)
Dickens Abridged
The Element in the Room: A Radioactive Musical Comedy about the Death and Life of Marie Curie
Boxed In
You Look Tasty! (A Play by A. Tiger)
When Blair had Bush and Bunga
Heartbeats & Algorithms
I Am Beast
Loranga, Masarin and Dartanjang
Trans Scripts
Captain Morgan 1: The Sands of Time
To She or Not to She
Births, Deaths and Marriages
Tall Tales for Small People - American Folk Stories and Songs
Hotel Paradiso
The Year of The Hare
Now Listen to Me Very Carefully
Fills Monkey: Incredible Drum Show
Broken Windows
Katie and the Mona Lisa
Mr Tiger Goes Wild
Geometric City
Tonight with Donny Stixx
Titus Andronicus - An All-female Production
Back to Blackbrick
Hair Peace
...and this is my friend Mr Laurel
The Hunting of the Snark
The Soaking of Vera Shrimp
Rosie's Magic Horse
Leapin' Louie's Wild West Spectacular
This Will End Badly
Spillikin - A Love Story
Down and Out in Paris and London
The Titanic Orchestra
The Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie
Giant Leap
Shakespeare Untold
David Elms - Mister Boy
The Girl Who Fell in Love with the Moon
Ballet Revolucion - Balletronic
Dorian Gray
The Tiger Who Came to Tea
Neil Henry - Magical Mindsquirm
Tim Key - Work-in-Slutgress
Lights! Camera! Improvise!
Vanity Bites Back
I Hate Children Children's Show
A Cinema in South Georgia
I Am Not Myself These Days
The Wonderful Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster
Backstage in Biscuit Land
A Very British Childhood
The Solid Life of Sugar Water
Tony's Last Tape
Blind Man's Song
Electric Dreams
Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking - Junior Edition
The Cat in the Hat
Captain Morgan 2: The Sea Souls
Eating Seals and Seagulls' Eggs
Alfie White: Space Explorer
Iphigenia in Splott
Citizen Puppet
Lee Nelson - Suited and Booted
Reginald D Hunter - Bitchproof
Phil Jerrod - Neanderthal
Nina Conti - In Your Face
Alex Edelman - Everything Handed to You
Jess Robinson - The Rise of Mighty Voice
Adam Riches - Adam Riches is Coach Coach
Rob Beckett - Mouth of the South
Pete Firman - Super Duper
Ali Cook - The Art of Astonishment
Pappy's Live at the Cabaret Bar
You're Not Like the Other Girls Chrissy
The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
Mark Watson - Flaws
FairLy Tales
Pappy's Presents... The Secret Dudes Society
Josh Widdicombe - Work in Progress
Tim Timinee, Tim Timinee, Tim Tim To You
Mirror Me
Mrs McMoon - Mrs McMoon's Tea Party
Hal Cruttenden - Straight Outta Cruttenden
The Hampstead Murder Mystery!
Paul Merton's Impro Chums
The Terrible Tale of the Twiddly Widdlies
Jay Foreman - Jay Foreman's Disgusting Songs for Revoltingh Children (and Other Funny Stories)
Nick Helm - Can Somebody, For the Love of God, Please Make All This Pain and Misery Go Away (Work in Progress)
Katherine Ryan - Kathbum
Alan Davies - Edinburgh Preview
The Pin Sleeping Trees Double Bill
Flanders & Swan
The Night Bus
Potted Sherlock
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Dinosaur Zoo
Tim Key Single White Slut
This is Brasil - The Show
Voca People
The Paper Birds Broke
News Revue 2014
Forgotten Voices
Tim Fitzhigham Hellfire
Mildred and the Midnight City
Sid's Show
The Great Fire of Nostril
The Cat in the Hat
Decomposed! My Brother's Turning into a Zombie
Austentatious An Improvised Jane Austen Novel
Couples Who Changed the World
...and this is my friend Mr Laurel
The Greatest Liar in all the World
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) (Revised)
The Art of Falling Apart
The Hive
Return Journey
A Little Nonsense
The Sleeping Treelogy: The Magical Faraway Tree
The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show
Lorraine & Alan
Civil Rogues
Merry Christmas, Ms Meadow
He Had Hairy Hands
Goodbye Gunther
The Complete History of Comedy (Abridged)
Government Inspector
Hot Cat
Jamaica Farewell
Live Forever
The Curing Room
Inheritance Blues
Night Bus
Show Off
Ernest and the Pale Moon
Deborah Frances-White Half a Can of Worms
NewsRevue 2014
Mock Tudor
Chris Ramsey The Most Dangerous Man on Saturday Morning Television
Jonny & The Baptists The Satiric Verses
Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen (Volume Too)
Dylan Thomas: Return Journey
Shappi Khorsandi Because I'm Shappi
The Tale of the Dastardly Defrost
Mark Watson Flaws
Dane Baptiste Citizen Dane
Tim Vine Timtiminee Timtiminee Tim Tim To You
Adam Riches Adam of the Riches
Dr Longitude's Marvellous Imaginary Medicine
Keeping up with the Joans
Emily Brown and the Thing
Peter Straker Black Magic
Little Prince in the Desert
Scaramouche Jones
Talk About Something You Like
Beowulf: The Blockbuster
Tom Rosenthal Meme, Myself and I
Late Night Gimp Fight The Worst of Late Night Gimp Fight
Cardinal Burns
When It Rains
Musical Mornings with Mil's Trills
Bits & Box
Beardyman One Album Per Hour
Backstage in Biscuit Land
My Obsession
Ennio Marchetto The Paper Living Cartoon
Nick Helm
Andy McKee
Howard Marks Scholar, Smuggler, Prisoner, Scribe
Daniel Sloss Stand Up
Howard Marks Scholar, Smuggler, Prisoner, Scribe
Below the Belt
The Three Lions
Sincerely, Mr Toad
Outside on the Street
On the Beach
Jonny & The Baptists Bigger Than Judas
I Need a Doctor: The Unauthorised Whosical Adventure
I Could've Been Better
Dark Vanilla Jungle
The Confessions of Gordon Brown
The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show
Ballad of the Burning Star
Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking
Pants on Fire's Pinocchio
The Trench
BLAM! Kristjan Ingimarsson/Neander
Slightly Fat Features
Scroobius Pip
If These Spasms Could Speak
Trash Cuisine
Matt Forde The Political Party
My Brother the Robot
Alex Horne Lies
Making News
Bitch Boxer
Ali J
David O'Doherty Will Try to Fix Everything
Gardening: For the Unfulfilled and Alienated
Pendulums Bargain Emporium
The Beginning
Reginald D Hunter In the Midst of Crackers
Trevor Noah The Racist
The Boy with Tape on His Face More Tape
Bo Burnham What
Paul Merton's Impro Chums
The Tartan Blood
The Wrestling II
Sandi Toksvig My Valentine