Pajama Men (Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen) have rightly proved one of the most popular and acclaimed Edinburgh comedy double acts of recent years.

Here, they go off-piste from their usual brand of physical storytelling and present a series of improvised sketches (or 'impronados') sparked by audience suggestions. They’ve even ditched the pajamas.

It’s familiar improv fare, and though they occasionally strike surrealist gold (the unexpected appearance of a dinosaur head being one such example last night), there's little to suggest that ditching the scripts was a wise move. The show feels like a glimpse of their devising process, which is thrilling in a sense but frustrating in another; I wanted to see the finished product.

It’s also slightly jarring that they used ten minutes of the hour-long performance to showcase another act that they’re producing at the Fringe (a range of guests are promised over the course of the run).

I still rank Pajama Men among the most talented physical comedians anywhere. I just wish they’d stop imitating the improv games of a thousand student groups and put the PJs back on.