In the atmospheric Den at Zoo Roxy, G.C Morgan performs the twisted and satirical tale of Witzelsucht and Moria. He plays an eminent psychiatrist giving a seminar on his work to a group of colleagues, but manically jumps in and out of this scenario in a confusing medley of insanity. This performance is not for the faint-hearted; Morgan uses stagecraft and gore to the maximum effect possible. The audience roar with laughter and the more squeamish yelp in disgust at his tricks and the grotesque imagery in his words. The character gruesomely explains some of the most absurd and bizarre "techniques" that he's used with patients, satirically and subversively ripping apart the madness of society. The imagination at play here is tangible; we can almost taste it. This is a dark and adult fairytale that grabs hold of you and makes you question reality, and wonder at Morgan's mind. Although perhaps the plot is nonsensical, the atmosphere and hysteria he conjures up in the intimate space is astonishing. It's impossible to even begin describing the style, story or sheer insanity that is experienced in this short hour. There isn't a better way to end the day; Witzelsucht and Moria is the epitome of Fringe. This show is twisted, unnerving, psychotic and brilliant. - Chris Wheeler