A government major misplaces his nose, and nobody seems to care. He discovers it in a church disguised as an officer, but seems unable to catch it. This is the plot to the wonderfully absurd The Nose.

Devised and performed by the young company Fat Git Theatre, and featuring live music, excellent performances and brilliantly original material, this is a fresh and exciting take on absurdist theatre.

Packed full of physicality, symbolism, political and social satire, and a speech about the decapitation of John Gielgud, The Nose is ridiculously free and random, while remaining tightly controlled and considered. This hasn’t been devised lightly or stupidly, as so much new absurdist theatre is, but has been carefully constructed resulting in an intelligent and funny finished product.

Fat Git, led by artistic director Joshua Roche, here produces accessible absurdism in a piece that a wide audience will appreciate. To see something completely different and bonkers, The Nose is the best place to start.

- Chris Wheeler